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    Karen Friedman

ISBN: 978-0313385858

Shut Up and Say Something: Business Communication Strategies to Overcome Challenges and Influence Listeners

by: Karen Friedman

For business people looking to get results and up their income, this book divulges no-nonsense strategies that can turn anyone into a powerful speaker who can overcome challenges and influence the right listeners.
• Provides hands-on, easy-to-use tools to help anyone improve their business communication skills

• Contains original heartwarming stories, examples, and lessons learned from the author’s 20-year career in television news, a run for political office, and advising some of the nation’s biggest companies

• Every chapter contains topical session examples, stories, “Coaching Notes,” “Quick Fixes,” and subject-related quotes

• The index helps readers easily locate specific topics and references to key terms


Meet the Author
Karen Friedman is a professional communication coach and speaker who spent two decades as a television news reporter and anchor at major market television stations. Her techniques to help business professionals become more powerful persuasive communicators have been applied on four continents where she has counseled key opinion leaders and conducted speaker, media, crisis and leader communication training programs for many of the world’s largest companies. Karen’s expertise in message development was first recognized when a U.S. delegation led by former First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton tapped her to provide media and political training for women from emerging democracies.
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About This Book

ISBN: 978-0313385858
Publisher: Praeger
Publish Date: 2010
Page Count: 264

Review In an age where multiple messages are constantly evolving, Shut Up and Say Something is a must read for anyone who wants to cut through the clutter, optimize communication skills and have their voice heard above the rest. --Philadelphia Ad Club Fabulous Book packed with great info!!! --Brave Elk A hands-on approach to help professionals overcome daily communications challenges to quickly influence listeners and decision makers. --Pharma Voice "Karen Friedman has a great gift for explaining how businesspeople need to think, talk, plan and react." --Wall Street Journal columnist Jeffrrey Zaslow Business self-help books usually make my eyes glaze over by the middle of the first chapter, but I just can't put Karen's book down! --The Compleat Anglophile "Karen Friedman hits the nail on the head in her newly-released book, Shut Up and Say Something. Right from the beginning with chapter one, 'Zip It' to chapters 'Talk to your Grandmother' and 'Reality Check,' Friedman presents attention-grabbers. . . . Shut Up and Say Something is outlined with easy to read bullet points and relevant anecdotes from Friedman's years in the industry from working as a news anchor and reporter to her experience in the communications coaching business. She presents key points when dealing with the media and proves their importance through some cringe worthy real-life anecdotes. She clearly demonstrates just how one sound bite or off-the-cuff remark can be linked to you and/or your organization forever." - The PR Lawyer (theprlawyer.com) "A practical, easy to use reference guide for business communications. . . . Clearly Karen understands business communication well enough to explain it simply." - Healthcare Businesswomen's Association Review "Karen Friedman has given us what's missing in other business communication books. Friedman's years of experience in media, public speaking, and inside corporate meeting rooms leaps off the pages to help readers tap their own talents. Shut Up and Say Something is a truly valuable resource for anyone who has to communicate in the competitive 21st century workplace." (David L. Cohen, Executive Vice President, Comcast Corporation) "Communicating well is the key to success in the modern-day world. No one knows how to do it better than Karen Friedman. Her sound advice will revolutionize the way you communicate in public and in business. A tremendous resource that should be required reading." (Ed Rendell, Governor, PA) "Karen Friedman has a great gift for explaining how businesspeople need to think, talk, plan, react, hold back, take a breath or reevaluate their efforts. In this engaging book, she distills her decades of experience into a tour-de-force of communications strategies." (Jeffrey Zaslow,Wall Street Journal Columnist and Coauthor of The Last Lecture) "Throughout my career, I have enjoyed a wonderful working relationship with the media, but during my work with Karen, I discovered some new and very useful strategies to improve how I communicate in a business situation. Karen is very passionate about her craft and her energy is infectious. I guess she was able to teach an old bear a few new communication tricks." (Jack Nicklaus, Professional Golfer) "Karen is the best in the industry! Smart, experienced and very insighful. Her book is as good as her being there to coach you. A must read for anyone looking to make a difference." (Armando Anido, CEO and President Auxilium Pharmaceuticals, Inc.) "Karen Friedman gets it -- and she is giving it to all of us with Shut Up and Say Something. Rarely does a book spark so many flashbacks to personal experiences as well as this one does. It is Karen's great insight and experiences that serve as a 'how to' guide on being an outstanding communicator. Great stories with great solutions. A must read for everyone who wants to be the best communicator they can be." (Vin Milano, CEO, ViroPharma) "There are no dreams and goals coming true if you can't communicate your vision and mission. Learn from an expert the tricks of the trade to make your words insightful and infectious. And then shut up and smile!" (Pat Croce, best-selling author and serial entrepreneur) "Karen Friedman's book is a must-read for anyone looking to make organizations more responsive to their customers, employees, investors, or suppliers. At Suburu of America, we built an organization and product that treated the customer as king with a product on durability, reliability, and value. As an entrepreneur and a niche marketer, every time we talked, we had to say something that spoke to our mission and marketing philosophy because we had to watch our pennies and the marketplace was full of competitors. The lesson we learned is that if you don't communicate well, you get lost in the noise. Karen Friedman's book makes that point in entertaining, easily read, and memorable stories and anecdotes." (Harvey Lamm, Founder and Former Chairman and CEO, Suburu of America) "Shut Up and Say Something is a great resource for learning how to communicate effectively in any situation. And Karen Friedman's coaching makes for more powerful and persuasive interviews, every time." (Drew Murphy, NRG Energy Executive Vice President) "Karen taught me how to focus on my audience's perspective and deliver my message in a manner that connects with them. Her coaching approach is practical and effective." (Vincent T. Donnelly, President & Chief Executive Officer, PMA Capital Corporation)

“Shut Up and Say Something: Business Communication Strategies to Overcome Challenges and Influence Listeners”

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