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    Karen Friedman

ISBN: 978-1542591812
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Ordinary People: Extraordinary Lessons: Leadership Insights from Everyday Encounters

by: Karen Friedman

We are surrounded by strangers—the people next to us on the bus, those we interact with for a moment in the store, taxi drivers, front-desk employees, people we meet at the gym, doctors, and so on. Though we often don’t realize it in the moment, we can learn something from every single one of these people.

Based on author Karen Friedman’s long-running column in the Philadelphia Business Journal, Perspective on People, Ordinary People: Extraordinary Lessons is a compilation of anecdotal lessons from everyday life. From hilarious to heartfelt, entertaining to enlightening, each story portrays a unique challenge and reveals a new perspective on how to overcome obstacles and create more meaningful interactions with others.

At life’s every turn, people deal with issues of love and loyalty, staying true to one’s values, and navigating difficult situations. Their different perspectives can change the way we see everyday moments and help us improve our own communication skills.

This astute take on life and people around us provides vital leadership lessons for personal empowerment and better relationships.


Meet the Author
Karen Friedman is a professional communication coach and speaker who spent two decades as a television news reporter and anchor at major market television stations. Her techniques to help business professionals become more powerful persuasive communicators have been applied on four continents where she has counseled key opinion leaders and conducted speaker, media, crisis and leader communication training programs for many of the world’s largest companies. Karen’s expertise in message development was first recognized when a U.S. delegation led by former First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton tapped her to provide media and political training for women from emerging democracies.
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About This Book

ISBN: 978-1542591812
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Publish Date: 2017
Page Count: 162

“Ordinary People: Extraordinary Lessons: Leadership Insights from Everyday Encounters”

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