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    Ken Blackstone

ISBN: 978-0615506807

Polygraph, Sex Offenders and the Court

by: Ken Blackstone

About a century ago, Dean John Wigmore, Northwestern University School of Law, hypothesized that if “there is ever devised a psychological test for the valuation of witnesses, the law will run to meet it.” But his prophesy has yet to prove itself. In fact, it often seems that the law has been running away from the polygraph. In his new book, Ken Blackstone explains that this has less to do with the validity of the polygraph and more to do with the lack of a bright line between forensic and utility polygraph.


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ISBN: 978-0615506807
Publisher: Emerson Books
Publish Date: 2011
Page Count: 194

"Ken Blackstone's book is an excellent education to the world of the polygraph and its application with sex offenders, specifically those who have been civilly committed. It is comprehensive regarding the history as well as practical with numerous examples of how questions should be worded to assure valid results. For those working with sex offenders either in the community or confined settings this is a welcome addition to your library." "This book clearly explains the science of polygraph testing, the proper procedure, and the types of mistakes that are routinely made. It is an invaluable resource and should be required reading for professionals involved in these cases." "I can't emphasize enough how fascinating and interesting I found the book to be. Your case examples consistently grab a reader's attention, and you use them very well to explain issues." There is no deception here: Ken Blackstone has made enormous contributions to forensic practitioners by unveiling the secrets of the polygraph with rigorous scholarship presented in an easy to read form. Mr. Blackstone's commitment to clearing up the confusion and controversy regarding polygraphy is clear and he accomplishes this formidable task with authoritative thoroughness.

“Polygraph, Sex Offenders and the Court”

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