Dr. Karissa Thacker

Founder and President

Strategic Performance Solutions Inc.

I have found working with Ken and his team to be a true partnership. Emerson worked to help me reach my goal as if it were one of their own business goals. They take the success of their clients seriously. Ken and Elena listen carefully to your goal, then help you break it down into steps. They have been invaluable to me in navigating the book publishing process such that we were ultimately successful at landing a deal with Jossey Bass.

Neal Frankle

Founding Partner and Certified Financial Planner

Wealth Pilgrim

Does Ken walk on water?  I don’t know because I haven’t gone to the pool with him yet.  But he is a miracle man.  Within 3 weeks of signing up Ken landed me a column with Forbes. Booyah. Beyond the results, the process was a pleasure.  I explained exactly what I wanted to do and achieve.  Ken spent time asking questions and making sure he really understood me, what I was about and what I wanted to do.  Then he went for it.  He didn’t waste time or effort.  He just delivered.  Thanks Ken!

Suzanne Bates

My company has worked with emerson consulting for many years to raise our thoughtleading profile. Ken and his team have landed multiple book contracts with a major publisher (McGraw-Hill), conducted book promotion campaigns, positioned articles in top publications, developed speaking opportunities and gotten us interviewed, among many other things. Emerson consulting is an ideal collaborator that brings skill and experience to every aspect of a project. emersongroup’s expertise and hard work have had a positive effect on my business.


Kathleen Burns Kingsbury

Ken and emerson consulting have been wonderful to work with. Not only did they help me land my first major book deal with McGraw-Hill, they supported me before, during and after the process. Hiring Ken was the best investment I made in my business in 2011. I highly recommend you consider hiring emerson consulting and I know I will work with them again.

John Guaspari


John’s website

The Emerson team has been first-rate on all counts. As a result of the excellent work done by Ken and Elena, I had a choice of three publishers for my latest book. This gave me the luxury of choosing the one that was best-aligned with my goals and gave me the strongest sense that I would be a true partner to them as opposed to “yet another author.”

Emerson also opened up multiple channels for me to get my ideas (such as they are) out into the marketplace. Multiple magazines, journals, websites, blogs, radio programs—I had access to them all and they were instrumental in the successful marketing of my book.

Aside from major factors such as those, though, there’s another, much more humble one that I’d like to cite. Over all the months I’ve worked with Ken and Elena, they have a 100% record when it comes to doing what they say they’re going to do.

When they promise a response to a question, I get it by the date and time they said they were going to get it to me. When I ask for an editorial critique of an article or blog post they clearly take the time to provide thoughtful, substantive feedback as opposed to just telling me what they think I want to hear. They even return phone calls and emails in a timely fashion.

Said most simply, they are thoroughgoing professionals; I couldn’t recommend them more highly.

Laura Stone


Stone + Company

I just got back from a speaking presentation and wanted to let you know that you should be very proud of your part in our company’s success. When I was being introduced, I listened to my bio being read and all the credentials of where I (and my team) had been published. As all the places we’ve been published were being read, I started to have an “out-of-body experience” as in… “He’s talking about me? That’s me!”

So I just want to thank you. Had it not been for us hiring you and also for your being willing to work with us through these difficult times and continuing to pursue new opportunities for us, we wouldn’t be in this positive state right now. I’m sure it’s going to lead to more business opportunities for us and for that I thank you very, very much.

Carol Bergeron

I have worked with emersongroup for many years, employing them to help me publish articles in major business and industry publications and guiding me through the publication of my first book. Ken’s firm has also set up speaking engagements for me as well as media opportunities. I would recommend emerson consulting to anyone wishing to jump start life as a true business “thoughtleader.”

Jim L. Poage Ph.D.

Founder and CEO

JLP Performance Consulting

I feel very good to have received four publisher offers. You know publishers very well and how to deal with them. And you know what to put in a book proposal. I appreciate your insights about why some publishers accepted our book and others did not. You do a great job getting first time authors without an established platform published.

Katy Tynan

It has been a pleasure working with Ken and the emerson consulting group team! After working closely with me to develop an outstanding book proposal, I received three strong offers from publishers, and was able to pick the one that I felt was the best fit. It was a highly collaborative process, and I was incredibly impressed with the communication, the dedication, and the enthusiasm with which Ken and his team approached their work. If you are an author or a business owner with expertise to share, Ken is the best person to help you develop into a true thoughtleader.

Kim Janson

President & CEO

Janson Associates, LLC

Ken and emerson consulting brought me results when I came to them seeking help with getting my book idea published. They guided me through the book proposal stage, “shopped” my proposal to interested publishers, obtained official interest from a number of publishers, then negotiated the terms of my contract so that I could obtain the very best deal. All in all, they brought my dreams of a book to fruition. I recommend Ken and emerson heartily to anyone who has similar dreams of becoming an author.

Doug Wolf


Wolf Greenfield

I have always enjoyed working with emerson consulting on various projects. I have found them very helpful, proactive, and always available as needed. They have brought us many media opportunities over the years which has allowed me to establish experience working with the press or other outlets. I now have many direct relationships with the media and have created an extensive portfolio of recognition. They have always been great to work with and they appreciate how to balance our needs for public relations efforts with our daily work.

Craig Cerretani

As a result of our engagement of emerson consulting group, our firm has grown considerably. The team of Ken Lizotte and Henry Stimpson has benefited us enormously.

Steve Gareau

I was once asked by a friend how to write a recommendation. I don’t take writing recommendations lightly. My own career was successful because I gave my customers MORE than what they paid for… I was always available to answer any and all questions (no matter how trivial). This conveys my knowledge and experience to my clients, and as a result, they would see my pride in working for them firsthand.

In the preface of my book, Building Your Bridge to Sales $uccess (Bridge Series Books, 2011), I started with three very important ingredients for success in business and sales: Honesty, Integrity and Morality (HIM ). I would never hesitate in recommending emerson consulting group inc. The staff is so attentive and responsive and editor Carl Friesen is very knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. Most important was owner and President Ken Lizotte and his involvement. Ken once said to me, “You’re a lot like me.” I take that as an honor, to be in his company. I highly recommend Ken and his company and its excellent services.

Jim Mooradian

Publishing articles and getting quoted in the media are excellent for credibility. They are an important part of the process for landing new business. Ken’s team has helped us make this happen.

Michael Shenkman, PhD

I have worked with Ken for nearly a decade. He is, without a doubt, my strategist in chief for my marketing communications strategy. I can’t count the number of ways he has opened my thinking to new approaches, new technologies and media for publishing, promotion and customer service. He does it all with modesty, which I really appreciate. I know when we meet or talk that something good, interesting, thoughtful and productive will ensue. Even though I am located in New Mexico, 2,500 miles away, his service is not in the least diminished. He is worth every penny I have spent with him and his team. Thanks, Ken.

Lewis Green


L&G Business Solutions

I hired Ken Lizotte to represent me and find a publisher for my fifth book “How to Grow a Business by Putting People First” (originally published as “Lead with Your Heart”). Ken came highly recommended by others who had hired him to help with their publishing and thought leader efforts. Although this was my fifth book and I had once earned a living as a free-lance writer, Ken’s sage advice made both my book and magazine articles better before he found a publishing outlet for them. If you strive to be a thought leader, I highly recommend you to hire Ken and his team.

Karen Friedman

Thank you so much for your wisdom, insight and support during this process of seeking a publisher. Without your guidance, I would never have sealed the deal! From the early stages of advice to the excellent direction provided by your editor, we put together a solid proposal that positioned me as a thought leader and generated interest as well as praise from numerous publishers. Not only did you negotiate well on my behalf, but you understood the value of finding the right partner who would be the best fit for my long term goals. I couldn’t have done it without you.

Jay W. Vogt



Ken Lizotte and his company emerson consulting group have helped to keep my consulting practice healthy for the last several years, thanks to such actions as: Helping me write and publish articles regularly (in print and web venues) that I use daily in marketing my practice. Supporting me in creating a regular e-newsletter that my clients love (the single smartest marketing move I’ve ever made.) Finding me a publisher so that I could publish my first book… and dream about publishing more!

Therefore I’ve since recommended Ken and his team with enthusiasm to many colleagues who have asked me – How did you do this?

Shelley Hall

Principal & Managing Director

Catalytic Management

Ken, without your support and expert advice, Catalytic Management would not have achieved such terrific growth. Every article solidified our reputation, garnered national speaking opportunities or generated leads. Credibility is everything to a consulting firm and your work to establish me as a thought leader has been invaluable. Not only is your support indispensible to our marketing efforts but you make it fun and painless. Looking forward to a long partnership and hopefully that book you keep insisting that I write!

Jim Edholm


BBI Benefits, Inc.

Visibility solves TONS of problems for us. The more we’re seen, the more believable we are. The more we’re seen, the greater credibility we have. The more we’re seen, the LESS we need to pursue them and the MORE they pursue us… it eliminates or reduces sales resistance. We’ve been two years in the emerson fold, and we began with articles – they got more than 15 placed in the first year, all in prestigious national or regional journals. Then we moved on to PR, and we continue to get regular mention in appropriate venues. Now we’re expanding into radio and speaking venues. The results are good, and so’s the value.

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