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    Ken Lizotte

ISBN: 978-1548708177

What Would Henry Do?: Essays for the 21st Century

by: Ken Lizotte

Today on our little planet, we live in bewildering times. We’re essentially faced with this question: what should we be thinking, saying and doing about the challenges bearing down upon our lives? Answers can be hard to come by. Yet we, the community of Thoreau Farm, believe we have to search for them. So we wondered, if Henry David Thoreau were alive today, what would HE think, what HE say, what would HE do?


Meet the Author
Ken Lizotte is the Chief Imaginative Officer (CIO) of emerson consulting group, inc., in Concord, Massachusetts. A Certified Management Consultant, he speaks regularly to companies and professional associations on the subjects of thoughtleading, publishing, creativity, and business success. The author of four previous books and hundreds of articles, he has led success seminars at Harvard University. Visit his Web site at thoughtleading.com.
About This Book

ISBN: 978-1548708177
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Publish Date: 2017
Page Count: 182

“What Would Henry Do?: Essays for the 21st Century”

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