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    Chloe Lizotte

ISBN: 978-0984718504

Fresh Ink

by: Chloe Lizotte

In 2007, Chloe Lizotte, then a student in middle school, wrote an “Historical Thoughtleader Profile” on Elizabeth Cady Stanton, the women’s suffrage leader, which she then published on a website. A few isableays later, she received a request from a professional women’s website called Women in Technology International (WITI) which wanted to re-publish it. That was the beginning of Chloe’s journey into professional publishing which, over the ensuring years, included a series of columns on still more historical “thoughtleaders” for The Concord Journal as well as music and arts reviews in her high school newspaper The Voice (which she also served as editor-in-chief) and various op-ed pieces, reviews, news reports and reflective essays in prominent journals like Teen Ink, The Real Musician, Booklore, The Pulitzer Center, CEO Refresher and Op-Ed News. The next step logically implied a book, resulting in “Fresh Ink: Published Writings,” a compilation of all her published content. Each chapter in “Fresh Ink” is a previously published work specifically selected for publication by an editor. No chapter content in “Fresh Ink” has been included that does not meet that requirement. “The essays in my book reflect where I’ve been, what I’ve seen, how I’ve reacted and what I’ve concluded,” Chloe explains. “They speak to my journey up to this stage in my life.” Chapter topics in the book range from music reviews (“The Suburbs” and “The King of Limbs”) to literary legends (Hemingway, J.D. Salinger) to political history (The 1920s youth culture, Martin Luther King) to Steve Carell’s leaving “The Office” to profiles of historical eccentrics, movie reviews, a report on the 2011 summer London riots and a self-reflection titled “The Thoreau Challenge.” A comment online of the website that published Chloe’s essay on Martin Luther King remarked: “(Chloe is) an amazingly cogent thinker, proving that age has nothing to do with intellect, discernment, wisdom, and that all-important passion for one’s subject matter — and for truth.” Another commenter confided: “I was about to give up on our youth but your wonderful writing has renewed my faith.” Now a member of Yale’s class of 2016, Chloe graduated from Concord-Carlisle High School in 2012 after serving as editor-in-chief of its student newspaper The Voice and music director of its radio station WIQH-FM. In addition to her column about “historical eccentrics” in the town of Concord’s weekly newspaper The Concord Journal, she also won the 2011 University of Virginia Book Award. Her twice-monthly radio show on WIQH achieved the station’s “Outstanding Show of the Year” award three years running. She is also an accomplished piano and guitar player, an avid snowboarder, kayaker and runner, and a talented videographer. Chloe’s reporting on the London riots for the renowned Pulitzer Center happened largely due to her love of all things British, including four trips to London and a summer study program at Cambridge College (2011). She has also visited Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Montreal and Paris. She lives with her family in Concord, Massachusetts.


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ISBN: 978-0984718504
Publisher: emerson consulting group
Publish Date: 2011
Page Count: 186

“Fresh Ink”

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