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    Christopher Whipple

ISBN: 978-0989937467

ACT Now or Fail! Become an A.C.E. and Lead the Way!

by: Christopher Whipple

This book reveals a new concept that all great leaders have utilized but few if any have recognized: By presenting followers with a goal that offers a better future, thereby eliminating fears or major concerns, the leader creates an environment where teamwork naturally thrives, making extremely difficult objectives obtainable. This motivates followers, eliminating the need to utilize critical resources for motivation, and creating an efficiency that no supervision could ever achieve. Once followers start working as a team for the good of the organization, improvements naturally follow, especially in quality. Until now, definitions for quality have been vague and unhelpful at guiding organizations on where to improve. The new definition for quality introduced in this book will assist leaders in any organization to clarify exactly what quality is for that organization, making it possible for each worker to improve their products and services with each action taken. The benefits gained will improve employee and customer satisfaction to previously unheard-of levels. A clarification of how feelings impact overall results will change how future employees and organizations behave, creating an environment that is highly sustainable. Chris Whipple, president of Advanced Corporate Teams, provides training to develop Advanced Corporate Executives (A.C.E.). With over 20 years of management experience and a desire to share best practices, he set out to document a clear process for implementing goals. His research uncovered several missing details that the quality gurus never discovered. This book fills in the gap. He is a graduate of Johnson & Wales University in business management and can be contacted via the Advanced Corporate Teams website: www.advancedcorporateteams.com.


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ISBN: 978-0989937467
Publisher: Advanced Corporate Teams
Publish Date: 2013
Page Count: 366

“ACT Now or Fail! Become an A.C.E. and Lead the Way!”

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