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    All the Leader You Can Be: The Science of Achieving Extraordinary Executive Presence by: Suzanne Bates

    The book that cracks the code on executive presence: what it is, why it matters, and how you can achieve it.

    You know it when you see it. That rare combination of qualities that makes a truly great leader. Until now, executive presence has been hard to define and even harder to develop. But after years of extensive research, executive coach and bestselling author Suzanne Bates and her team have identified the 15 traits you need to be all the leader you can be.

    Using the research-based, scientifically-grounded Bates Executive Presence Index―Bates ExPI™―you can assess your ability to influence results and maximize your impact, scientifically and systematically. With this proven approach, you can:

    • Develop your presence in and out of the boardroom
    • Engage, inspire, align, and move others to act and succeed
    • Strengthen teams, drive change, and lead with incredible confidence
    • Make a real and lasting impact on your company, your career, and your life

    Bates’ groundbreaking approach to enhancing executive presence is not a one-size-fits-all plan. Since every leader is different, the book shows you how to measure your individual qualities using a three-dimensional model of your character, substance, and style. You’ll discover how perceptions of 15 distinct facets of your leadership style, such as authenticity, integrity, composure, vision, and intentionality, are proven to help you drive results. . You’ll learn how to leverage your strengths, improve your weaknesses, and develop an executive presence that is uniquely your own.

    Whether you’re taking on a new executive position, facing new and exciting challenges, trying to build better and stronger team, or developing new emerging leaders within your organization, All the Leader You Can Be has all the guidance you need to achieve extraordinary executive presence.


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    Free Agent: The Independent Professional’s Roadmap to Self-Employment Success by: Katy Tynan

    There is a seismic shift underway in the employer/employee relationship that is redefining the nature of jobs and careers. Sole proprietors and independent contractors now represent more than 20 percent of the workforce, and that number is expected to reach nearly 50 percent within the next 10 years.

    Despite the proliferation of people engaging in freelance and contract work, however, the path to success is not always easy. Free Agent: The Independent Professional’s Roadmap to Self-Employment Success details a pragmatic action plan to help you succeed in this new skills marketplace.

    Supplying practical strategies to help you get ahead of the change and become an in-demand resource with a steady stream of income, the book describes how work is changing and what is driving the growth of freelancing. Next, it explains how to get your new independent venture off the ground, how to find your first client, and what you need to know to avoid common pitfalls.

    To transition successfully from employee to free agent, you must have a plan to avoid the pitfalls and a support team to give you the expertise on complicated topics such as business structure, contracts, and accounting. This book is your guide to successfully navigating the transition.

    Detailing the tools and practices that will enable you to succeed as a free agent, the book includes case studies and interviews with those who have already made the transition. The book concludes by describing how to optimize your new freelance work style to make the most of your time and energy, so you can focus on doing more of what you love.


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    Managing at the Leading Edge: Navigating and Piloting Business Strategy at Critical Moments by: Tom Rose

    We live in an exciting time.   Technology, globalization and demographic shifts provide new potential for personal and business success.   Yet, research tells that only 30% of our attempts to implement change succeed amid the turbulence we encounter both within and outside today’s organizations.  We need new ways of thinking and doing if we are to turn potential into performance.  Managing at the Leading Edge provides a new evidence-based roadmap for leadership success in a dynamic context.

    Managing at the Leading Edge highlights lessons from the navigation and piloting practices used in high performing sailing.  In the contemporary “white water” business environment, as at sea, achieving goals requires choosing a destination amidst uncertainty, adjusting to continually shifting conditions, converting the push and pull of environmental forces into momentum and using different skills at different times to negotiate hazards and achieve success.

    Easy-to-grasp and recall, this book proposes a framework of leadership with a dual focus on navigating and piloting. This framework is supported by new evidence-based insights about personal and organizational high performance.    Systematic comparisons of high performing leaders and organizations with leaders and organizations that have not yet achieved this distinction illustrate how the principles of navigation and piloting apply.  This research featured surveys of over 1,000 senior and mid-level leaders, the results of over a 100 interviews and the author’s extensive consultation experience with a host of leaders and organizations.

    Through case studies, discussion of relevant research, practical tools and templates, Managing at the Leading Edge will help you learn:

    • The critical tasks of leader navigating and piloting that lead to successful business change
    • Leadership skills through which the critical tasks of navigating and piloting are successfully executed including accountability, influence, problem solving agility and engagement
    • Strategies and tactics for managing points along a strategic initiative’s leading edge through with resistance to change is converted into momentum and progress
    • The critical hand-offs between the navigating and piloting functions and these functions drive change at the leading edge as synchronized system of high performance leadership
    • Leadership practices that create organizational high performance

    Armed with leadership capabilities of high performance navigating and piloting you will be able to recognize and act on opportunities for enhanced leadership impact and achieve results that matter for you, your peers and your organization.


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    Ordinary People: Extraordinary Lessons: Leadership Insights from Everyday Encounters by: Karen Friedman

    We are surrounded by strangers—the people next to us on the bus, those we interact with for a moment in the store, taxi drivers, front-desk employees, people we meet at the gym, doctors, and so on. Though we often don’t realize it in the moment, we can learn something from every single one of these people.

    Based on author Karen Friedman’s long-running column in the Philadelphia Business Journal, Perspective on People, Ordinary People: Extraordinary Lessons is a compilation of anecdotal lessons from everyday life. From hilarious to heartfelt, entertaining to enlightening, each story portrays a unique challenge and reveals a new perspective on how to overcome obstacles and create more meaningful interactions with others.

    At life’s every turn, people deal with issues of love and loyalty, staying true to one’s values, and navigating difficult situations. Their different perspectives can change the way we see everyday moments and help us improve our own communication skills.

    This astute take on life and people around us provides vital leadership lessons for personal empowerment and better relationships.


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    Otherwise Engaged: How Leaders Can Get A Firmer Grip on Employee Engagement and Other Key Intangibles by: John Guaspari

    Ask leaders what their biggest challenge is, and they’re likely to say: “It’s the people part of the job . . . the soft stuff . . . the so-called intangibles.” Otherwise Engaged shines a bright light on the cause of this challenge: a fundamental misunderstanding of the true nature of intangibles, like engagement, empowerment, respect. The book focuses on the too-often overlooked first step in any such effort: How to stop doing the things that cause people to dis-engage. Once you gain a better, deeper understanding of the true nature of the intangibles, you’ll discover that you already know what to do in order to be more effective in this domain.

    Through a story told in a light, humorous style, the author helps you discover what the problem is. You’ll learn why good faith efforts to promulgate values throughout an organization can be ineffectual and, in some cases, even damaging. In the process, you’ll develop a felt need to challenge the assumptions under which you’ve been working and to become more open to the possibility of considering a different way.

    Nominated for The Book Review Company’s 2016 Leadership Book of the Year.


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    The Art of Authenticity: Tools to Become an Authentic Leader and Your Best Self by: Karissa Thacker

    Leverage your authentic self into a valuable leadership strategy

    The Art of Authenticity is a guide to becoming a better leader by achieving your best self. All people bring different sides of themselves to various situations. This book will show you how to broaden and deepen your effectiveness by presenting the most appropriate side of yourself. Dr. Karissa Thacker is the management psychologist called on by over two hundred Fortune 500 companies to work with high potential leaders. This book provides you with her expert guidance, based on validated psychological research and artful application of psychological principles to actual business situations, to help you become an authentic leader. You’ll learn how to lead through reflection, action, and conscious choice, and how to maintain your guiding principles while effectively leading your team. By replacing habitual reactions with authentic ones, you’ll find that you’re modeling good behavior and effective decision-making—and that authenticity is contagious. This guide equips you with the tools and skills you need to be the catalyst of positive change your organization needs.

    How do you remain authentic while being an effective leader? This book argues that the question isn’t a duality. Authenticity is the best way to lead, and the only way to maintain sustainable success as an organization. This insightful guide shows you how to find your authentic self, and leverage that into an effective, executable leadership strategy.

    • Become authentic in a way that befits your values
    • Show loyalty, honesty, ethics, and consideration
    • Maintain authenticity in leadership roles
    • Make conscious choices instead of blind reactions

    Some are born to lead, other must be taught, but all leaders must work to retain their own values and basic sense of self. A simple pause can mean the difference between a knee-jerk reaction and an authentic decision, and the effects ripple throughout your organization. The Art of Authenticity is your guidebook to finding the true authentic leader within, and leading from the inside out for the long haul.


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    The Speaker’s Edge by: Ken Lizotte

    Speakers for business and nonprofit events are sought out every day by meeting planners and program directors. Those who get the call are typically those who fill a specific need and can boast appropriate credentials and experience. The Speaker’s Edge shows you how to land these speaking engagements, especially ones that pay.

    This comprehensive book covers all the conventional means for locating and winning speaking engagements as well as clever, innovative tactics practiced by the most successful veteran speakers. You’ll learn how to: Position yourself as the go-to thought leader in your field of expertise; Use effective tools to highlight your speaker value, including videos, speaker sheets, and speaker bureaus; Consider a variety of speaking opportunities, such as serving on panels, hosting events, and participating in webinars; Locate attractive speaking venues, and successfully use the proposal systems such venues require; Consider what volunteering for pro bono gigs offer as venues for practice and visibility; Negotiate great deals, including setting fees, requesting expenses, and offering options to meeting planners; Maximize your speaking experience, including selling products, arranging follow-up gigs, and soliciting referrals.

    By employing the recommendations in this book, you will elevate your speaking career and and business to new heights.


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    The Work-Life Equation: Six Key Values That Drive Happiness and Success by: William L. Maw

    This book supplies a simple, memorable, and effective formula to solve problematic behaviors in the work environment and life in general. An invaluable guidebook, it will help readers move beyond mediocrity and achieve happier, more successful lives.


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    This Moment: Reflections on Leading, Learning, Laughing and Living by: Jessica C. McWade, Ed.D.

    Dr. Jessica C. McWade has been writing about leadership, communications and policy for many years, in blogs and newspaper columns. This compendium of her engaging essays informs and inspires us to think critically and constructively about leadership – and life. Jessica delivers many insights about leaders and leadership, but also considers the subject through themes of wisdom, justice, globalism, communications, creativity, education and business. In doing so, she reminds us that leading well is not very far from learning, laughing and living well, too. This Moment is an elixir that seems just right for these challenging times. This Moment is also a thoughtful source of energy, determination, joy and humor.


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    What Would Henry Do?: Essays for the 21st Century by: Ken Lizotte

    Today on our little planet, we live in bewildering times. We’re essentially faced with this question: what should we be thinking, saying and doing about the challenges bearing down upon our lives? Answers can be hard to come by. Yet we, the community of Thoreau Farm, believe we have to search for them. So we wondered, if Henry David Thoreau were alive today, what would HE think, what HE say, what would HE do?