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    Ken Lizotte

ISBN: 978-1413437867

Beyond Reason

by: Ken Lizotte

“Question prevailing ‘wisdom,'” author Ken Lizotte says, “whenever your own experiences and instincts suggest otherwise.”In Beyond Reason, he shows how such counter-wisdom can not only turn out for the best but will often be fully supported by scientific evidence. Citing studies, surveys and other investigations, he plows through sacred cows and popular notions, concluding again and again that going beyond reason may offer the surest path to wished-for results, common sense and peace of mind.Your assumptions about life will never be the same.


Meet the Author
Ken Lizotte is the Chief Imaginative Officer (CIO) of emerson consulting group, inc., in Concord, Massachusetts. A Certified Management Consultant, he speaks regularly to companies and professional associations on the subjects of thoughtleading, publishing, creativity, and business success. The author of four previous books and hundreds of articles, he has led success seminars at Harvard University. Visit his Web site at thoughtleading.com.
About This Book

ISBN: 978-1413437867
Publisher: Xlibris
Publish Date: 2004
Page Count: 164

“Beyond Reason”

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