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The Expert’s Edge

The Expert’s Edge: Become the Go-To Authority People Turn to Every Time (McGraw-Hill)


Take your business to the next level! A “magic bullet” does exist!

  • Become THE guru in your field
  • Learn how to publish articles and even a book!
  • Become a recognized public speaker
  • Create a “client community” so you can raise your fees
  • Use the internet creatively, wisely… effectively!

By becoming a “thought leader” in your target market, your business life will change forever. No more boom-and-bust, no more getting battered by the economy, no more losing out to your competition.

Your “expert’s edge” can push your business to the next level and keep you there. As a recognized thoughtleader, you’ll blow your competition away, make much more money, keep customers coming back (and sending you new ones)… and have fun!

No matter your specialty, level, experience or personal style, The Expert’s Edge can transport you to the enviable status of “go-to authority” that your target market turns to… every time!

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