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    Libby Wagner

ISBN: 978-1906403607

The Influencing Option: The Art of Building a Profit Culture in Business

by: Libby Wagner

Although position power may afford short-term results and compliance, the constant upkeep of such of interactions can be exhausting, not to mention wreak havoc via highly negative impacts on business results in the long-term. Though many books on the market today address leadership techniques, styles and philosophies, none actually help those leaders talk to people via a language and philosophy that works for the long-term.

The Influencing Option is rooted firmly in values and behavior-based principles of influencing (as opposed to commanding or ordering) which supports integrity and drives commitment. This influencing model offers multiple options so that those who use it are able to gain behavioral commitment without relying on conflict, heavy-handed authority or guilt. Instead, specificity and candor are among its most compelling tools.

This unique model for leadership communication has proven its ability time and again to develop loyal and lasting followings of participants and practitioners. Libby Wagner runs workshops in companies large and small across the US. Typically, graduates of these courses want to know how they can bring this pragmatic, uplifting model into their current organization.

And the time is right for such a book! Harvard Business Reviewrecently focused an issue on “rebuilding trust” by exhorting leaders to step up to such critical business challenges as loss of faith in business leaders and gross violations of ethical business conduct. The cry to “lead with integrity” is growing as business searches for ways its leaders can take the high road in managing as they evolve “commitment cultures” that are at once transparent, participatory and sustainable. Influencing as a leadership/management strategy can fill this need.

The Influencing Option shows how to integrate “influencing training skills” steeped in respect, empathy, specificity and genuineness and thus fill a need unmet by current leadership/management books on the market.


Meet the Author
Libby Wagner is president of Libby Wagner & Associates, and is one of the only poets regularly welcomed into the boardroom. Often called the The Influencing Coach™ by her clients, Libby's expertise in leadership, strategy, management, and executive team development helps organizations create environments where clarity and increased trust lead to unrivaled results. Libby's work has shaped the cultures of numerous Fortune 500 clients, including The Boeing Company, Nike, Philips, ST Microelectronics, Diageo and Costco. Libby's contributions to the consulting profession garnered international acclaim in her 2008 induction into the prestigious Million Dollar Consulting® Hall of Fame. Libby's seminars and webinars attract an international audience of participants, and her commitment to ethics coupled with her pragmatic engaging style lead to sold-out audiences and standing-room-only events. She has been quoted in The New York Times, is the author of over 50 nationally run professional articles and a collection of poems. An inspiring speaker and presenter, Libby is sought-after by corporations and organizations for events, keynotes and leadership seminars. She is the leader of Influencing Options®, an internationally known company offering transformational programs with over 25 years of proven world class success. Thousands of participants from all corners of the globe have benefited from the impact of Influencing Options®. Libby helps companies revolutionize their culture and transform in record time by focusing energy to achieve astonishing results―creating commitment cultures that can endure any economic environment.
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About This Book

ISBN: 978-1906403607
Publisher: Global Professional Publishing
Publish Date: 2010
Page Count: 200

"Many books today offer leadership techniques, styles and philosophies that purport to overcome negatives. However none prescribe an all-out "influencing option" that can actually educate business leaders to language and behavior that will yield results in both the short- and long-term while reversing the usual negative impacts. Fourtunately, Libby Wagner's new book, The Influencing Option achieves this." (Retail Observer) “If business is art and science, than who better than a consultant and poet to synergize the traits? Libby Wagner’s The Influencing Option is a tour de force!" (Alan Weiss, PhD) “Libby has dedicated her life’s work to understanding the importance of working with people to help them better influence and lead more abundant and successful lives. She presents a true gift for those willing to open their hearts and minds to her message.” (Laurie Ruffner, Client Partner) "As the president of a growing organization, I needed to improve performance and increase productivity throughout the company. I reached out to Libby Wagner for help. Not only did she develop a program that was easy for us to follow, but also she stood by our side while we implemented …encouraging us through the entire process with humor, insight, and support. Today, we are a thriving business in a very tough economy." (Marlaine McCauley, President) "Libby has helped my management team move from an unproductive, untrusted laughing stock, both among the team and within the organization, to a respected, high-performing team. Trust, morale and productivity have all soared due to Influencing Options and the Core Dimensions. This is not flavor of the month stuff--rather it transforms the individual and team character with application at both work and home. I regret not understanding these principles earlier in my life and career." (Michael Hassing, CEO) "At Diageo, relationships are very important and part of our mission and our values. Our ability to lead in our industry demands that we bring out the best in our people, customers, partners, consumers, suppliers and government stakeholders. We worked with Libby on a national initiative to enhance our sales teams’ capabilities to collaborate with others (internally and externally). Libby immersed herself in our business and learned very quickly that our ability to work with and through others is essential and she delivered a program tailored to meet the needs of our business. Libby is engages key stakeholders, challenging and inspiring at the same time. We recommend Libby to any organization that wants to establish a strategic business partnership to gain results." (Regina Picciano, Director) "Libby did the one thing I really hoped she'd do: she helped improve the communication skills of my employees and showed them how to work more effectively as a trusting team. But aside from helping to make my company a more enjoyable place to work, she also made the employees more productive by helping to eliminate the kind of time-wasting miscommunications that can derail people. It's no exaggeration to say that she's the kind of consultant that makes it easy to connect the dots between her efforts and my company's improved bottom line." (Jamie Stone, President)

“The Influencing Option: The Art of Building a Profit Culture in Business”

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