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People Sucession

People Succession: Lessons from Forward Thinking Executives in Middle-Market Companies

By Carol P. Bergeron
Talent Magnet Series™ 

Do you have an unwavering desire to position your organization for growth? When managing risk does your plan include establishing the right balance between talent acquisition and succession planning? Relying exclusively on the external candidate pool to satisfy all your talent needs given projected skill and talent shortages will derail your business growth plans. Choose instead to soar when it comes to talent management by making people succession a priority.

In People Succession: Lessons from Forward Thinking Executives in Middle-Market Companies Carol jump starts the book with 3 business scenarios that show how the unexpected departure of a key employee adversely impacts an organization’s 5-year growth plan. The 7 phases of the people succession cycle are revealed as are practical ideas and time savers for each. Loaded with first-hand experiences shared by the 25+ executives interviewed for the book, you will get familiar with potential derailers and how to address them as well as sensible approaches used by busy executives when preparing people for future responsibilities. This succinct read will inspire you to beat the competition through people succession in addition to showing you how!

Carol Bergeron is a consultant, coach, speaker, author, and the President of Bergeron Associates™ launched in 1998. After more than twenty five years in senior corporate and consulting roles, today Carol helps clients achieve their goals by transforming leaders into resilient talent magnets who get business results. Her organizational effectiveness and talent solutions include: people succession, leadership development, workforce planning & integration, and change management. Carol has published articles in the Handbook of Business Strategy, Leadership Excellence and CEO Refresher which earned her the “Best of 2008” award for her article entitled “Achieve Competitive Advantage Through a Strategically Aligned Talent Strategy.


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On June 12, 2013 hear Carol speak on the 7 phases of the people succession cycle that the talent builders of Bergeron Associates™ use to help executives accelerate the design and implementation of succession plans. Event sponsors: The Family Business Association and the Webster Bank. To learn more about the event:

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