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Business Is a Large Target: A Business Owner/CEO’s Complete Guide to Maximizing Results (and Profits) from HR and Employee Benefits

By Jim Edholm

BBI Benefits (2013)

Business is a Large TargetRemember the Lone Ranger? The legendary Masked Man fought evil and stood up for the little guy. But he was generally hated by the authorities. He didn’t fit their mold or play their games. He couldn’t be turned, bribed or stopped … so they treated him as an outlaw.

That’s the position of small business owners and executives today. No longer seen as providers of opportunity, creators of jobs, makers of wealth; instead they are seen – at least by most in Washington and many in state capitals – as greedy oppressors of the “working class.” Someone to be jealous of, untrusting of, careful about, watched with a wary eye. And as a business owner or executive, you can either pay attorneys to get you out of the trouble that bureaucrats are just waiting to spring on you – or you can empower your Human Resources person to be the defensive walls in your castle and avoid the trouble in the first place. That one person – generally underappreciated – is the first bulwark of defense against the hostile hoards of bureaucrats eager to plunder your wealth.

Jim Edholm is President of BBI Benefits, and he’s been working with entrepreneurial employers for over 30 years. For many of those years, as a group benefits (health, dental, disability, etc.) advisor he primarily focused on helping employers reduce the cost of their benefit programs. But over the last decade he’s seen the ever-encroaching reach of government bureaucracies, and he’s coupled his benefits work with services that empower the employer to help reduce turnover, enhance productivity, and allow the small HR department to have the depth of HR and compliance resources that their much larger competitors have. In this book, Jim reveals his secrets of how that smaller employer (10-150 employees) can fight back and gain the power necessary to prosper.

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