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The Fame Game 2.0

By Carl Friesen
BNi Building News (2012)

Picture two business professionals competing for the same project. They could be consultants, architects, engineers, lawyers or anyone else who sells expertise. One professional tells the client, “Here’s our brochure.” The other says, “Here’s a folder with reprints of articles we’ve published on the issues you’re facing, with a USB key that contains an e-book we’ve published, some audio podcasts and a video of an interview with a client we recently helped deal with a situation like yours.” Who do you think gets the project?

Over the past 15 years, Carl Friesen has worked with many business professional firms that have a great deal to offer — their members have experience and skills that should be in high demand — but they have trouble getting noticed in a crowded market, and standing out as offering superior value.

In 2002, he published “The Fame Game” through the Society for Marketing Professional Services, focusing on helping professional firms publish informative articles in trade magazines read by their clients and potential clients. In the years since, there has been an explosion of new information technology that offers ways to demonstrate expertise. His latest book, The Fame Game 2.0, from BNi Publications Inc. answers questions about:

  • What thought leadership means and why it is important for firms to demonstrate what they offer to clients and potential clients
  • Why it’s important for firms to support their members through helping them develop and publish informative content that demonstrates their expertise
  • The best themes for content — such as the “trend” that demonstrates the author’s understanding of a clients’ world, and why “how-to” content can cause problems if not prepared in a strategic way
  • How to use the basic human emotions of “greed” and “fear” to motivate prospects to take action
  • The importance of designing content so it appeals to online searches
  • Sound use of content vehicles including printed books, print and online magazine articles, blogs, videos, slide shows, audio podcasts, interactive slideshows and others
  • How to leverage content so it provides the best possible return on investment

To write this book, Carl used his journalism background—which provides an understanding of what makes a “story” from the media’s point of view — his business background gained through an MBA in Marketing, as well as a Certified Management Consultant designation, and over 15 years of experience helping his clients build their professional profile. Carl Friesen is emersongroup’s Toronto Bureau Chief and Principal of Global Reach Communications Inc. His forte is helping business

professional firms get noticed and demonstrate the value they offer, through publishing informative content in media relied upon by their clients and potential clients.

Fame Game 2.0 is available at

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