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    Lee B. Salz, Jenny L. Hamby,

ISBN: 978-1935602033

Stop Speaking for Free! the Ultimate Guide to Making Money with Webinars

by: Lee B. Salz, Jenny L. Hamby,

The right to free speech was never meant to prohibit experts from generating income through speaking. Yet, many speakers seem to interpret “free speech” as a mandate to give away their specialized expertise for free, with exposure as their only compensation. And, exposure doesn’t pay the bills. Stop Speaking For Free! The Ultimate Guide to Making Money with Webinarspositions you to get paid for your expertise by delivering attendee-funded webinars. Your presentation may be virtual, but the dollars are real!

You will discover:

  • Three criteria to guide you in the selection of your most saleable content … what people will readily pay to learn from you
  • Three types of prospective registrants … how to engage each of them effectively and at the right time
  • A specialized copywriting methodology designed to drive registrations for attendee-funded webinars
  • Free and low-cost marketing strategies to creatively reach your prospects … beyond your database
  • Due diligence guidelines that help you choose the right webinar back-office company for your needs

“I saw an opportunity to reach new audiences using webinars, but I refused to give my expertise away for free. Stop Speaking for Free! helped me create a brand-new (and quite lucrative) revenue stream. You can do it too … this book is a must-have for every speaker, consultant, and trainer!” -Sam Richter, Author of the award-winning book Take the Cold Out of Cold Calling

Stop Speaking for Free! teaches you everything you need to know to succeed with attendee-funded webinars. I’ve used these principles myself … and they work!” -Patricia Fripp, Past National Speakers Association President, Author of Get What You Want! and Make It, So You Don’t Have to Fake It!

Lee B. Salz is the recognized authority on attendee-funded webinars. He has helped hundreds of speakers, trainers, and consultants stop giving their content away for free and make money delivering attendee-funded webinars. Lee launched Business Expert Webinars as a means to connect speakers virtual audiences … and with real dollars.

Jenny L. Hamby is a Certified Guerrilla Marketer and creator of How to Successfully Market Seminars and Workshops specializing in promoting in-person and virtual training seminars. She helps speakers, trainers, consultants, and coaches grow their businesses through direct-response and Internet advertising campaigns.

* Included with the purchase of the book is unlimited access to the Webinar Resource Center, a comprehensive online library of tools, white papers, and worksheets to successfully guide your webinar journey.


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ISBN: 978-1935602033
Publisher: Business Expert Publishing
Publish Date: 2010
Page Count: 138

“Stop Speaking for Free! the Ultimate Guide to Making Money with Webinars”

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