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    Mary Adams, Michael Oleksak,

ISBN: 978-0313380747

Intangible Capital: Putting Knowledge to Work in the 21st-Century Organization

by: Mary Adams, Michael Oleksak,

Intangible Capital: Putting Knowledge to Work in the 21st-Century Organization is for every manager struggling to succeed and innovate in today’s knowledge-based economy. This must-have handbook helps businesspeople build smarter, more successful companies by maximizing the knowledge that is already inside their organizations.

Most businesspeople have heard of the growing importance of knowledge workers, information technology, innovation, networks, reputation, and performance management. Like no other guidebook, Intangible Capitalshows how each of these trends fit into an overall discipline of intangibles management. The book takes the ten basic building blocks of traditional, industrial-era businesses and defines their knowledge-era equivalents–intangibles as the new raw material, intellectual capital (IC) as the new production line, IC assessment as the new balance sheet, and networks as the new organizational chart.

This approach provides a clear road map for managers adapting to the realities of business today, one that helps translate the new world of the knowledge-based economy into understandable terms and ready-to-implement ideas. 

Title Features:

  • Includes an exercise at the end of each chapter that enables readers to connect the chapter to their own businesses
  • Presents a resource section in each chapter for additional print and online sources
  • An accompanying website at intangiblecapitalbook.com with sections for all key corporate titles (CEO, CFO, CIO, COO, etc.) shows how the book relates to their work and serves as a forum for ideas among readers
  • A full index covering both industrial- and knowledge-era tools to make it easier for readers to make a connection with their current work approaches


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About This Book

ISBN: 978-0313380747
Publisher: Praeger
Publish Date: 2010
Page Count: 171

Review "…brilliant new book…This is a must read." - thinkipstrategy.com "It's much more fun to read than the rather solemn title suggests, combining strands of history, economics, management, metaphor and common sense, personal experience and anecdote. It's also a monument to the metamorphosis of management and asset management philosophies from the age of bricks and mortar to the world of the internet. …Since the right answers are (i) business-specific and (ii) change in time, while the right questions can be applied more generally and are less subject to the vicissitudes of commercial fashion, this is altogether a greater benefit to the reader." - ipfinance.blogspot.com "If you want to know what issues businesses will be grappling with in the next few years, read Intangible Capital and think about the possible impacts as, not if, the ideas presented in this book come to pass." - innovateonpurpose.blogspot.com "The book provides tips that will help managers adapt to the knowledge-based economy and measure the true effect of intangibles on the bottom line." - IP Spotlight - Review "Intangible Capital is a breakthrough book. Adams and Oleksak have managed the near impossible: to make the complex topic of intangible assets understandable and meaningful to businessmen, policymakers and the general public. I consider this a guidebook to the economy of the 21st Century." (Kenan Jarboe President, Athena Alliance) "Mary Adams and Michael Oleksak bring a much needed new perspective on value and wealth to the M&A marketplace with this insightful book highlighting Intangible Capital. Because of the primary historical focus on tangible assets only, financial advisors and investors of all types would be well served to study this overview very carefully before doing deals in this new century. Seeing the intangible side of a business as the 'New Factory' truly is now an essential skill for middle market dealmakers of all types." (Michael R. Nall, Founder, Alliance of M&A Advisors) "In the sea of hype about how different the world of enterprise is today, Intangible Capital: Putting Knowledge to Work in the 21st Century Organization by Mary Adams and Michael Oleksak offers a perspective that is simple, pragmatic and profound. There are no over simplified formulas, no tedious academic discussions – just solid well grounded insights into what is most critical for success today. They clearly identify the roots of wealth creation, the networking skill sets that are required to realize value and the new accounting guidance system that keeps everything on track. Adams and Oleksak have created one of the most readable and practical books ever on intangibles!" (Verna Allee, CEO ValueNetworks.com and author of The Future of Knowledge: Increasing Prosperity through Value Networks) "With the perspective uniquely available to bankers-turned-management consultants, Mary Adams and Michael Oleksak brilliantly weave the sometimes-esoteric paradigms of accounting, finance, and intellectual capital into an accessible operational framework. Intangible Capital while actionable, is unquestionably a revolutionary call to action. It is a must-read for any business leader who wants to know how to extract the most benefit from today's sources of business value." (Nir Kossovsky, Executive secretary, Intangible Asset Finance Society and author of Mission: Intangible. Managing risk and reputation to create enterprise value)

“Intangible Capital: Putting Knowledge to Work in the 21st-Century Organization”

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