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    Lisa Brock

ISBN: 978-1599961651

Goodbye College – Hello Life!

by: Lisa Brock

From body piercings to resumes to wardrobe, Goodbye College, Hello Life! author Lisa Brock goes where others fear to tread, tackling subjects that are rarely discussed in the standard advice book. As mentor and boss to hundreds of young men and women in her 30-year career, she has written a no-nonsense, no-holds-barred book for this generation of young people.

Goodbye College, Hello Life! – is not your standard I did it, and so can you advice book. It won t give you step-by-step instructions on how to write a resume or do a standard job search—there are dozens of authors who do a fine job with that.

This book is different.

Why is it that some job seekers get turned down for positions they are qualified for?

Why do others fail to make it through the first six weeks, when companies assess how well probationary hires fit within the organization?

And how can someone who partied through college without a goal get back on track and end up in their dream job?

In Goodbye College, Hello Life! Lisa Brock sits on the other side of the hiring desk, across from the interviewee, and explains what the manager, HR professional, or executive is really thinking when he or she meets a job seeker for the first time. Whether it s the basics of grooming or communication or interoffice relationships, her real-life anecdotes and examples of screw-ups and move-ups provide some of the most-important life lessons you ll ever get.

Committed to the personal and professional development of young people, Lisa Brock takes what she has learned as a marketing and public relations executive, crisis intervention mediator, coach, mom, and university educator and uses it to help today s generation of young adults enter the real-life, no-nonsense world of work, find their dream job, and keep it.


Meet the Author
Lisa Brock is a public relations professional with 30 years of experience serving national and international clients. Her full-service public relations and marketing firm in Tampa, Florida specializes in media relations, crisis management, and sports marketing. Lisa has worked with major U.S. corporations and has been involved in large-scale business expansions and public events, but her professional work is not limited to high-profile clients. An experienced moderator and facilitator in crisis intervention and issues management, she has mediated situations requiring great sensitivity, ranging from criminal cases involving pedophilia, to drug and alcohol abuse in the workplace, environmental issues, white-collar crime, death and disease, celebrity publicity, foundation management, race relations, and gender equality. Lisa began her career immediately upon graduation from Florida State University, when she was recruited by Procter and Gamble for its management-training program. She later moved on to become the public relations manager for the Anheuser-Busch-owned Busch Gardens Tampa Bay, from where she moved to lead the marketing efforts for a $35 million entertainment-complex expansion project. Super Bowl XV; the Dresses for Humanity world tour of royal costumes owned and worn by the late Diana, Princess of Wales; the Olympic Games; World Cup USA '94; and Historic Royal Palaces in London represent just a few of her prominent clients or projects. Lisa has been involved in mediating, mentoring, and coaching her entire adult life, taking a special interest in the personal and professional development of young girls and women. This has carried over to board work and prominent leadership roles in organizations committed to helping young adults. As a public relations and marketing professional, university adjunct professor, mom, step-mom, and mentor, Lisa draws on her own unusual and challenging early childhood experiences to help young people find and travel their own path to a productive and satisfying life.
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About This Book

ISBN: 978-1599961651
Publisher: HRD Press, Inc.
Publish Date: 2009
Page Count: 142

“Goodbye College – Hello Life!”

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