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    Maggie Melanson


Fly Fit

by: Maggie Melanson

David Bloom, a reporter for NBC’s The Today Show, was covering the war in Iraq when he died from deep vein thrombosis – a blood clot caused by immobility. That is why Maggie Melanson wrote this book – to educate others about the importance of keeping active, fit, healthy and moving while traveling. In this book, she introduces her Fly Fit program and the benefits of trying yoga poses, resistance exercises, ballet stretches, aerobics and stress reduction techniques while seated on a plane or at the airport. Even if you’re at a desk all day, the Fly Fit program can help you rev up your metabolism. Maggie knows what she is talking about when it comes to health. She lost 50 pounds herself and went on to open a healthy catering company in 1997. In 10 chapters, she discusses: What happens to your mind and body when you fly and what can you do about it; The benefits of in-flight exercise; Making the most of exercise while you travel; Exercise in the airline terminal; In-flight exercises; Getting the most out of exercise at your destination; Packing power snacks for travel; Straighten up and fly right; Meditation and relaxation. You’ll learn the best seat assignments on a plane for doing exercises, how to spot workout opportunities such as an empty terminal or a staircase, foods to stay away from on flights and many more tips for moving and staying healthy.


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Publisher: HRD Press, Inc.
Publish Date: 2007
Page Count: 144

“Fly Fit”

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