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    Jim Edholm, Jennifer Poage,

ISBN: 978-1938548390

Flair: Design Your Daily Work, Products, and Services to Energize Your Customers, Colleagues, and Audiences

by: Jim Edholm, Jennifer Poage,

Learn how to add WOW! to your products, services, and everyday work in order to increase sales as well as advance your career.

What makes certain products gain mass appeal, acquire a dedicated following, and draw customers to wait in line for the latest version? Why do some restaurants book out weeks in advance and create buzz among would-be patrons? How are certain employees able to energize their colleagues and elicit enthusiastic participation during meetings? What sets these notable products, services, and employees apart is their flair – their charm, panache, liveliness, and energy.

Flair shows how to add meaning and joy to your products, services, and everyday work. Employing principles and practices developed from interviews and research with design firms, artists, and business experts, the authors show that anyone can create inspiring flair – not only in products and services but in their own daily work – in reports, presentations, and meetings.

The benefits of flair for your company are an exceptional reputation, increased sales, and premium prices. For you, flair increases management’s appreciation of your work, enabling you to stand out and advance your career. And once you fully understand flair, you’ll see that creating it can be fun.


Meet the Author
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Meet the Author
Jennifer Poage is a fashion designer working on her M.A. at the London College of Fashion. Formerly she was an apparel technical designer for Reebok and adidas. She has a B.A. in Art History from Drew University, an A.A.S. in Fashion Studies from Parsons School of Design, and a Business Essentials Certificate from the University of North Carolina's Kenan Flagler Business School. Jennifer lives in London, United Kingdom.
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About This Book

ISBN: 978-1938548390
Publisher: Maven House Press
Publish Date: 20106
Page Count: 248

Flair does quite an unusual thing by introducing a new word to the management literature - one that is both useful and, thankfully, not too difficult to put into practice. Jim and Jennifer Poage have done a fine research job in presenting examples of using flair and how valuable flair proves to be in designing and promoting products and services as well as boosting sales and delighting customers. A very interesting book well worth the reader's attention. - LAURENCE PRUSAK, former Executive Director of IBM's Institute for Knowledge Management and author of Working Knowledge, Knowledge in Organizations, and What's the Big Idea Flair is to product and service as charisma to a person. A must read for anyone interested in interacting with others. - YU-CHI (LARRY) HO, Professor Emeritus, Harvard University, School of Engineering and Applied Science

“Flair: Design Your Daily Work, Products, and Services to Energize Your Customers, Colleagues, and Audiences”

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