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    Laura Leist

ISBN: 978-1570614675

Eliminate Chaos: The 10-Step Process to Organize Your Home and Life

by: Laura Leist

Let go of clutter and organize every room of your house, including the kitchen and pantry, closet, garage, home office, and childrens’ rooms. The author’s ten-step system is presented in an easy-to-use, workbook-style layout with full-color photos demonstrating the various stages of the organizing process, illustrating not just “before and after,” but the realistic, messy, all-important steps in between. Leist’s method is based on the underlying principle that “it’s not about the stuff.” She touches on the psychological reasons behind clutter and not letting go — such as procrastination, denial, thrift, and family history — but her underlying premise is that being organized is an ongoing process, not a one-day event. By learning to sort, prioritize, and make fast, rational decisions about their household goods, readers become more efficient and functional not just at home, but in other areas of life as well.


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ISBN: 978-1570614675
Publisher: Sasquatch Books
Publish Date: 2006
Page Count: 224

“Eliminate Chaos: The 10-Step Process to Organize Your Home and Life”

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