Our New Website!
On January 16, 2013 | 0 Comments

So long, old website!

As 2013 begins, we’re proud to announce that emerson consulting group inc. has a new website. Our “old” website, designed back in the last century, was long overdue for a robust makeover. This new site is easier to navigate and incorporates many of the website features thoughtleaders need to employ in order to stand out from the competition, including:

Our Thoughtleading Articles: See our most recent published article eblasts as well as our archive of published articles. Some are written by our emersongroup staff while others have been authored by our client thoughtleaders. Leave a comment and join discussions… that’s what thoughtleaders do!

Books By Our Thoughtleaders: See our bookstore highlighting such topics as leadership, communications skills, business strategy, branding, teambuilding and much more… all authored by our staff or client thoughtleaders. Click on a cover for further details on Amazon!

Meet Our Team: There are actual humans at our HQ, working every day to get our client thoughtleaders published, promoted and positioned. See their photos and bios… including our non-human staff members Nike the Cat and Chance the Dog!

Our Thoughtleading Services: Whether it’s publishing your first book, publishing articles, landing speaking engagements, promoting your book (and business) through the media or even developing your own 21st Century website… we can help.

We’re at the same URL as before www.thoughtleading.com … come visit us!


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