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You & Your Partner, Inc.: Entrepreneurial Couples Succeeding in Business, Life and Love

By Miriam Hawley and Jeffrey McIntyre
Enlignment, Incorporated (2012)

You & Your Partner, IncYou and Your Partner, Inc. is a guidebook for couples challenged by the complexities of their personal and business partnership. This book illuminates how copreneurial couples (in business together) as well as coexecutive couples (in separate professions who powerfully support each other) are at the forefront of a creative and productive business model for the 21st Century.

The co-authors, Jeffrey McIntyre and Miriam Hawley, partners for more than 30 years in life and in business, have identified the seven key strategies used by successful entrepreneurial couples. These guidelines can offer personal learning opportunities to grow professionally while developing a deeper relationship with each other.

While writing this book, the authors interviewed 50 business couples with a variety of experiences whose stories illustrate how they have faced and overcome obstacles to create, build and sustain both their businesses and their marriages. Their insight offers inspiration into a new world of entrepreneurial living and loving. Reclaiming their relationship, family, finances and freedom inspired them to connect with countless others who have done the same. Couples from 20-somethings, baby boomers, same-sex, a range of cultural and class backgrounds, divorcees and others candidly share their stories.

Miriam is CEO of Enlignment®, Inc., a business coaching and consulting company specializing in leadership development, systems thinking and organizational change. She and her Enlignment co-founder, business partner and husband Jeffrey McIntyre work with other copreneurial couples as well as with executive management teams, entrepreneurs and business leaders globally.

You & Your Partner, Inc. is available online at, as well as You can download the first chapter for free at

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