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    Daniel J. Anderson, John W. Moran, Baird K. Brightman, Barry S. Scheur,

ISBN: 978-1556482328

Transforming Health Care: Action Strategies for Health Care Leaders

by: Daniel J. Anderson, John W. Moran, Baird K. Brightman, Barry S. Scheur,

Transforming Health Care offers a groundbreaking two-part model to help leaders find and achieve that delicate, dynamic balance between business performance and the mission of patient care, and then gain the momentum they need to take critical steps toward innovation, excellence, and effective strategic implementation.

The first part is a review of what works (and what doesn’t) in the drive to deliver excellence for both patients and performance. The second is a user’s guide to the specific behaviors that define and characterize a true health care leader now and in the future.
Readers will find chapters focusing on:

  • Market leadership and the dual importance of strategic clarity and decisive implementation
  • How to identify and correct misalignment between strategy and organizational design
  • Strategies for dramatically improving both clinical outcomes and business results
  • Models and action strategies for challenging people to be their best in a constantly changing workplaceTransforming Health Care offers both the strategies, systems and structures that work, as well as the key leadership actions and behaviors that propel effective implementation. Without this alignment of “what” and “how,” health care leaders will never achieve the results their patients or the marketplace expect or demand.


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About This Book

ISBN: 978-1556482328
Publisher: Jossey-Bass
Publish Date: 1998
Page Count: 125

"This book provides solid practical guidance for those undertaking the difficult task of improving health care. The authors challenge both old and new norms, providing a clear road to new thinking." (Robert G. Norton) "Transforming Health Care really gets to the heart of the matter. Beyond theories and models, what leaders of hospitals around the world need is to align strategies with clinical and business results. The authors provide practical prescriptions for action strategies driven by the experience of working with hospitals and hospital leaders." (Ahmed Mohiuddin, MD, FACC) "Perhaps my most important role as hospital president is confronting the challenge of balancing what is best for our patients with what is best for our performance. Transforming Health Care defines the forces and focus needed to find that precious alignment, and facilitates the prescription for needed change by the nonphysician and physician leader alike." (Alan H. Robbins, MD) "Leading a health care organization requires skills and strategies that medical school, residency training, or clinical practice rarely develops. Transforming Health Care provides both diagnoses and prescriptions to fill this glaring gap in physician education." (Adrian E. Long, MD)

“Transforming Health Care: Action Strategies for Health Care Leaders”

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