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    Suzanne C. Lowe

ISBN: 978-0615292144

The Integration Imperative: Erasing Marketing and Business Development Silos — Once and for All — In Professional Service Firms

by: Suzanne C. Lowe

When it comes to competing effectively, achieving financial success and delivering optimal client service, professional and B2B firms keep looking for the Holy Grail in all the wrong places: “Hire big-time rainmakers!” “Acquire that hot boutique firm!” Pursuing these solutions avoids the real problem: Marketing and selling are disconnected. The real Holy Grail can be found by ensuring that marketing and business development are integrated into every function. The Integration Imperative summarizes three structural and cultural frameworks that professional- and B2B service firms can employ to achieve new effectiveness in marketing and business development, and ultimately, improve the firm’s value to clients. “Lowe has done a great job of capturing the core messages of why and how marketing and business development functions within professional services firms need to be more effectively integrated to drive revenue and market share results.” Russ Molinar, Director, Global Markets, Ernst & Young LLP “Professional service firms tend to look for easy answers to the question of how to get new clients. Suzanne Lowe puts her finger on the biggest and hardest challenges and who shares responsibility for meeting them.” Bill Matassoni, Retired McKinsey Partner and Marketing Director “The Integration Imperative offers a potent cocktail of robust theory, insightful case histories, and lateral thinking―any marketer will find something to chew on here.” Sholto Douglas-Home, Group Marketing Director, Hays Plc “This book will be an instant classic. Thanks to Suzanne Lowe’s insights, we finally have practical guidance on overcoming an essential challenge for professional service firms: how to bridge the divide between marketing and business development functions.” Michael W. McLaughlin, Author, Winning the Professional Services Sale “Professional service firms leave so much money on the table because of the lack of integration between marketing and selling, and this book demonstrates the path to getting it right.” Don Spetner, Executive Vice President and Chief Integration Officer, Korn/Ferry International “An amazing blend of insight and in-depth real world examples. All professional firm marketers and managers should read this book.” David Maister, Author and Consultant “Suzanne Lowe’s depth of knowledge and thoughtful presentation, particularly the case studies, provide hands-on, targeted, and relevant information that helped me to gain some important and actionable insights. This book should be mandated reading for professional service firm marketers and would also be meaningful for marketers in many other sectors.” Barbara Gydé, Executive Director, Marketing and Business Development, Columbia Business School Executive Education “Suzanne Lowe is so qualified to tackle this age-old challenge. She has been studying the role of the CMO in professional service organizations and leading CMO roundtable discussions for nearly 10 years, always with the goal of finding ways to do things differently and to do things better.” Connie Bennett, Retired Senior Vice President Enterprise Customer Management, The McGraw-Hill Companies “Suzanne Lowe makes a compelling argument regarding the often disconnected marketing and sales activities that take place in professional service firms. More importantly, The Integration Imperative offers the insights needed to overcome internal barriers to integration and offers examples of how it can be done.” Paul R. Brown, Executive Vice President, Global Market Development, CDM


Meet the Author
Suzanne Lowe is the president of Expertise Marketing, LLC. She is an analyst, advisor, writer and speaker on the best practices and emerging strategies in professional services marketing and management.
Her widely disseminated research initiatives on strategic marketing perceptions, practices and performance of professional service firms around the globe contain data from thousands of firms, and are the basis for her books Marketplace Masters: How Professional Service Firms Compete to Win and The Integration Imperative: Erasing Marketing and Business Development Silos -- Once and For All -- in Professional Service Firms. She also publishes a monthly on-line newsletter, The Marketplace Master™ and blog, The Expertise Marketplace™.
Lowe has written or been quoted in more than 100 articles on the topic of professional services marketing strategy, including the Harvard Business Review, Business Week.com, CMO Magazine, Harvard Management Update, and scores of magazines and journals. She contributed to the second edition of the book Marketing Professional Services, by Kotler, Hayes and Bloom, and she was featured as a thought leader in The Expert's Edge, by Ken Lizotte and Collapse of Distinction by Scott McKain.
Lowe speaks regularly around the world to leading trade associations, industry groups and in-house firm audiences. Her work has been presented internationally, including at the American Marketing Association's Frontiers in Service conferences. She facilitates roundtables of Chief Marketing Officers from some of the world's most prestigious professional service firms. She designs and delivers customized executive education programs in marketing for professional service executives.
She advises the leaders of professional service firms, from small start-up practices to large global organizations.
Lowe co-founded Gulf Coast Works, a Massachusetts nonprofit that helps rebuild communities in coastal Louisiana and Mississippi.
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ISBN: 978-0615292144
Publisher: Professional Services Books
Publish Date: 2009
Page Count: 276

“The Integration Imperative: Erasing Marketing and Business Development Silos — Once and for All — In Professional Service Firms”

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