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Entrepreneurs Inside: Accelerating Business Growth with Corporate Entrepreneurs looks at innovation through the eyes of the individuals leading these initiatives – corporate entrepreneurs. Corporate entrepreneurs (intrapreneurs) are individuals inside of existing organizations that build new businesses, products, services or processes that create value and generate new revenue growth.

Building a new business inside an existing organization is a daunting task. It takes a unique combination of competencies to lead these initiatives. The book describes the competencies of successful corporate entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial leaders. It also reveals the obstacles and hidden barriers these executives encountered as they created the entrepreneurial culture necessary for success. Most valuably the book offers a practical look at corporate entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial leadership, innovation, and execution.

The book is based on research conducted with a group of experienced corporate entrepreneurs across a diverse set of industries. They were senior executives, many who reported into the CEO and were responsible for building million and billion dollar businesses. They provided a deeper and richer understanding of what it means to be a successful corporate entrepreneur or entrepreneurial leader inside of an existing organization.



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