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    James S. Kunen

ISBN: 978-0762770458

Diary of a Company Man: Losing A Job, Finding A Life

by: James S. Kunen

James S. Kunen—author of The Strawberry
 an account of the 1968 student
uprising at Columbia University—chronicles
his adventures on the road to finding meaning
in work and life. He traces his evolution from
a rebellious youth who sees working as a kind
of death, to a laid-off corporate executive who
experiences not working as a kind of death,
to a reinvented and reinvigorated individual
who discovers something important and
meaningful to do.
The experience of falling victim to America’s
recession-ravaged economy (and the people
who run it) leads him along a career path far
different from anything he had planned. After
years of making a living, Kunen finally learns
how to make a life. Diary of a Company Man
will be a revelation not only to baby boomers
but to young people trying to figure out what
to do with their lives.


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ISBN: 978-0762770458
Publisher: Lyons Press
Publish Date: 2012
Page Count: 256

“When I was a teenager, The Strawberry Statement shaped my view of the world and my place in it. Now James Kunen has done it again, with his acute, observant, funny and moving story of what's truly important in life. Diary of a Company Man is timely and timeless—a beautiful piece of writing and enduring source of inspiration.” —Jonathan Alter, author of The Promise: President Obama, Year One

“Diary of a Company Man: Losing A Job, Finding A Life”

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