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    Steve Gareau

ISBN: 978-0615411729

Building Your Bridge to Sales Success

by: Steve Gareau

Are you looking for an “edge” in building your sales career? In this book, veteran salesperson Steve Gareau provides you with his insights on human nature and what helps in developing a long-term relationship with a customer, based on trust. Having this book with you is like having Steve along on your next sales call. In it, you’ll find out: • The importance of honesty, integrity and morals in building a sales career • How knowledge of your competitor’s product or service is vital to your success • Why you need to find out why your customers buy from you-and how they benefit from what your company offers Steve shows you what to do, each step of the sales process. The book uses the analogy of building a bridge to show you what you need to do to build a successful sale and a successful career in sales. So . . . take Steve Gareau along with you on your next sales call!


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ISBN: 978-0615411729
Publisher: SMG Logistics & Training Inc.
Publish Date: 2010
Page Count: 102

“Building Your Bridge to Sales Success”

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