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    Robert Phelan

ISBN: 978-1599321066

Broke: The Broken Contractor’s Insurance System and How to Fix It

by: Robert Phelan

The system is broken: Construction CEOs are buying contractor’s insurance based on the lowest premium, and the “”savings”” are costing them a fortune: up to $20 lost for every claim dollar spent. The status quo can break a growing company, because brokers get paid their commission, whether or not they help prevent claims, manage risks or improves safety — and in most cases, they don’t. Contractors can go broke: driven into bankruptcy by hidden exposures and insurance loopholes that leave them blind-sided to their biggest risks. Construction Risk Advisor Robert Phelan deconstructs the broken system with common-sense ideas to fix it: ways to help prevent the high cost of low-priced coverage and keep contractors from the dangers that can bring down their business.


Meet the Author
Robert Phelan, ARM is CEO of Litchfield Insurance Group and its subsidiary Construction Risk Advisors and a 30-year veteran of the insurance business. He brought the industry-leading Risk Reduction Approach to the construction community and developed forward-edge workers compensation loss-control and claim-litigation strategies for contractors. A graduate of Tufts University, Mr. Phelan is an expert in all types of Alternative Risk Transfer and Alternative Financing. In 2009 he was names a Construction Power Broker by Risk & Insurance magazine.
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About This Book

ISBN: 978-1599321066
Publisher: Advantage Media Group
Publish Date: 2009
Page Count: 120

“Broke: The Broken Contractor’s Insurance System and How to Fix It”

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