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In the Matter of Michael Vogel

MichaelVogelBy Drew Yanno
Pellegrino Press (2013)


It’s the late summer of 1966 in an idyllic small town in upstate New York when the body of eight year old Michael Vogel is found at the bottom of the deep end of the municipal swimming pool four hours after closing.

At first, the townspeople accept the initial ruling of an accidental drowning, despite the fact that the boy’s body wasn’t discovered when the lifeguards searched the pool earlier in the day after his sister reported him missing. However, when an autopsy reveals an unexpected result, its sets into motion a search for a killer in a town unaccustomed to murder.

The story is told from the perspective of three members of the community: one is a twelve year old boy with a future he hopes to avoid; the second is a sheriff with a past he wants to forget; and the third is a forty year old bachelor with a secret he hopes desperately to protect. Their stories all come together in a startling and thrilling conclusion that leaves nearly as many questions as answers.

Author Drew Yanno grew up in upstate New York and practiced law in Boston before turning to screenwriting and later founding the screenwriting program at Boston College where he taught for eleven years.

In the Matter of Michael Vogel is available on and for Kindle download. To learn more, see this and other books by our client thoughtleaders at our website Book Store.

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