Biggest Financial Mistakes When Revamping a Small Business
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Travis HolmesBy Travis Holmes

So you’ve decided to overhaul some things in your business. Wonderful. Sometimes you need to change things up in order to get the results you are looking for. As I’m sure you know, it takes money to grow a business. You should also have a plan in place for your business, or how will you know if you are making progress with all of your changes? Here are some mistakes business owners make when they are revamping their business.

Small Business Owners Don’t Have A Concrete Plan In Place

Many small business owners don’t have a concrete plan in place. They know they want to make more money so they can quit working for someone else, but they don’t really know exactly how they are going to get there. Before you start revamping your business, take a few minutes to figure out what your end game is.

Small Business Owners Spend Money On Stuff That Doesn’t Add To The Bottom Line.

Another costly financial mistake many small business owners make is spending money on stuff that isn’t necessary to build a successful business. Sometimes small business owners will invest in fancy offices thinking that it will impress potential clients. Sometimes people will buy fancy cars and expensive clothes thinking that they need to look rich to attract more business. No one is saying that you have to run around looking like a pauper. However, you don’t have to pay full price to get the latest fashions either. Instead of going to department stores, consider going to thrift stores. You can usually find the exact same brands for way less at thrift stores than at department stores. No one will know that you didn’t spend the full price on your designer duds but you.

Small Business Owners Sometimes Use Loans To Cover Business Expenses

It may be tempting to use personal loans to buy a computer or pay another type of business expense. That is not a good idea. You will wind up paying more in interest than if you would have just saved up the money and bought whatever it was you were trying to buy for your business later. There’s always a way to get things you need for your business. See if you can work out a payment arrangement or if you can barter to get what you are trying to acquire for your business.

Small Business Owners Should Keep Proper Records

Sometimes business owners get so busy running their businesses that they forget to keep up with their bookkeeping. You could be missing out on tax deductions or rebate opportunities if you don’t keep good records. You can either outsource this task or do it yourself, but you must keep up with your records so you don’t lose money or get in trouble with the government.

Small Business Owners Should Seek Mentors

A lot of small business owners have trouble taking advice from others. They have the mentality that it is a sign of weakness to ask for help. It is vitally important that you seek mentors that are already successful in the line of business you want to be successful in. These mentors can help you avoid financial mistakes in your business. Nine times out of ten, these mentors may have made the same mistake you are about to make and can tell you what happened when they did it. You can learn from their mistake instead of making the same mistake yourself.


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Travis Holmes is a financial blogger with a passion for frugality. He believes a balanced wallet can reflect on a small business.

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