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Dan Karr

Dan has been a CEO or Vice President for high-technology companies for the last 20 years. While working as a Senior Vice President of Marketing and Sales for a Silicon Valley company, Dan was seriously injured while commuting to work on a bicycle. After dealing with trying to get insurance companies to pay his significant medical bills, or to settle a claim so Dan could pay the medical bills, he became intimately aware of both the serious dysfunction of the insurance industry, as well as the complexity of insurance claims and lawsuits. Knowing that the complexity of fighting claims has the effect of intimidating consumers who are victims of insurance companies, Dan decided to apply his technology marketing and sales experience to the benefit of insurance consumers. Just like consumers of technology, consumers of insurance need easy-to-understand, complete guides to what they own, how it works and what to do when it doesn’t work. Dan now lives in New Hampshire with his family. Dan’s vocation is as a marketing and sales consultant to technology companies. His avocation is as a writer and advocate for owners of insurance.

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