Communicating with Editors: The Art of the Nudge
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By Elena Petricone

Developing editor relationships can intimidate the toughest writers. After all, editors are the gatekeepers of the traditional publishing route. When editors become unresponsive, make a mistake, or poof away, “nudging” the editor can help writers achieve the outcome they want.

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In the Matter of Michael Vogel

By Drew Yanno

Losing Customers? Time to Examine Your Compensation Plan!
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By Shelley F. Hall

When sales people fail to retain customers, the first thing to investigate is the signal management sends via compensation plans. Compensation plans tell the sales person where they should spend their time and effort. Human nature drives us to do what delivers rewards and money is a big reward. So if the compensation plan tells me that I get a higher commission for new business versus retained or repeat business, guess where I’m going to spend my time?

Anatomy of an Article
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Seven Steps to Overcoming “Writer’s Fright” and Finally Seeing Your Name in Print!

When it comes to writing articles, many otherwise top-seed consultants stop dead in their tracks, citing lack of knowledge about how to start, how to keep going, how to navigate twists and turns, and by no means least–how to finish.

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By James S. Kunen
Lyons Press
Diary of a Company Man is the funny, insightful, and inspiring story of a 1960s campus radical turned corporate PR man who finds himself, along with his fellow baby boomers, in a place called “Too Young to Retire and Too Old to Hire.”

Why Innovation Programs Are a Total Waste of Time
On January 22, 2013 | 2 Comments |

Even the most promising companies can find themselves bogged down by a mysterious inertia where innovation efforts don’t meet expectations.

It’s tempting to think that this challenge is limited to large companies, however even entrepreneurial startups can be weighed down by inertia that can stop them from achieving their full potential.

Our New Website!
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As 2013 begins, we’re proud to announce that emerson consulting group inc. has a new website. Our “old” website, designed back in the last century, was long overdue for a robust makeover. This new site is easier to navigate and incorporates many of the website features thoughtleaders need to employ in order to stand out […]

Poor Sales? Build a Bridge to Clients!
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Are you having trouble sealing the deal with your prospects? Building long-term client relationships is like building a bridge. You don’t see the foundation of the bridge, because most of it’s not just under water, but also underground. If there are cracks in or structural issues with the foundation, the bridge can collapse.

Thoughtleader Alert!
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Interview with Andre de Waal

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Your Spacious Self: Clear the Clutter and Discover Who You Are

By Stephanie Bennett Vogt