Discover Your Dream Career: Using Passion, Creativity, Thoughtleading and Fun to Attain a Worklife You Really Want
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Title: Discover Your Dream Career

By picking up this book by author Ken Lizotte CMC, you’ve made an important career commitment to yourself. You’ve actually decided to take command of your worklife. Whether you’ve been fantasizing about getting promoted, moving laterally to a new department, radically changing your career, quitting your present job and finding a new employer, moving into your first real professional job after graduation, starting a business or consulting practice, choosing gainful employment over “retirement,” getting back into the workforce after a long period away-- whatever! Something inside you has begun pushing you in an exciting direction.Armed with this book, you'll embark on that exciting journey, pick up the pace, make progress, beat the odds and ultimately discover, and attain, your dream career.

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