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This website was developed using the WordPress Template Vulcan by Indonez.

Lauren Fleming and Elena Petricone, both Publishing Specialists, initiated the firm’s website update in July 2012 and hammered at, tweaked, and transformed Vulcan to suit emersongroup’s content and purpose.

Special Thanks to our Technical Gurus, Cindy Murphy and John Haronian, for providing all of our server, WordPress, and CSS needs. Half the time, we don’t understand what Cindy and John do for us, but we know that we are very lucky to have them!

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We have used the following photos under Creative Commons License for use in our home page slider. Click to see the original source of the photos.

Slide 1: “Old North Bridge, Concord, MA” Photo taken by bbcamericangirl. 
Slide 2: “Walden Pond – Concord, Massachusetts” Photo taken by Matt Kowal. 
Slide 3: “Page Turner” Photo taken by Rupert Maspero. 
Slide 4: “typewriter” Photo taken by Cody Geary.
Slide 5: “The Expert’s Edge” graphic courtesy of Ken Lizotte.

Extra Slides:

“The Blue Room – meetings & events at The 4 star Cumberland Hotel” taken by Guoman Hotels in London. Picture appears on the “Thoughtleading Launchpad” slide.
“Day 88: Mice? Mouses?” taken by tsmall. Picture appears on the “Like us on Facebook!” side.
“d-221 books” taken by az azrasta. Picture appears on the “Concord Author’s Festival” slide.
“Books HD” taken by Abee5. Picture used in eblasts.