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So You Want to Write a Book in 2015

Part 1: Where to Start? By Elena Petricone, emersongroup This eblast series is written for new authors who have resolved to write a business book in 2015.   Many business leaders and professionals resolve in the New Year to “finally write the book.” Awesome! So where do you start? Should you set up a Facebook page? Should you self-publish or seek a traditional publisher? Should you purchase dictation software? Should you clear your schedule ...


Are Books the “New Business Card”?

By Kate Victory Hannisian Chief Editor, emerson consulting group Published in The Blue Pencil Blog “Books are no longer simply books, they are branding devices and credibility signals -- not to mention the reason their authors command large speaking or consulting fees.” So says Ryan Holiday, in a recent column on the Fast Company website. His point is that authors of non-fiction books are increasingly diversifying their income streams, with many making “substantially ...


Successfully Promoting a Book: Lessons Learned from Authors Who Have Been There

By Giles Pettingell Published in Independent Consultant   In terms of book promotion, there is no singular path to success. There are innumerable methods that exist to promote books, and exactly zero that can guarantee absolute success. In a business of seeming uncertainty, two nuggets of advice are generally agreed upon: don’t expect anything from your publisher, and don’t expect sales without tireless self-promotion. The key is to diversify your promoting tactics and ...


The Real Value of Publishing a Book

By Charlotte Cutter Published in CEO Refresher, The Independent Consultant, IndUS Business Journal and Women’s Business.  Most of us can’t help but wonder what it’s like to publish a book. When we meet someone who has published, there’s an aura about them, an admiration for having taken the time to write (much less publish!) an entire book. The questions are unavoidable: What does it take to publish a book? How can you find a ...