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So You Want to Write a Book in 2015

Part 1: Where to Start? By Elena Petricone, emersongroup This eblast series is written for new authors who have resolved to write a business book in 2015.   Many business leaders and professionals resolve in the New Year to “finally write the book.” Awesome! So where do you start? Should you set up a Facebook page? Should you self-publish or seek a traditional publisher? Should you purchase dictation software? Should you clear your schedule ...


Communicating with Editors: The Art of the Nudge

By Elena Petricone Deputy Imaginative Officer Published in The Peevish Penman Online Developing editor relationships can intimidate the toughest writers.  After all, editors are the gatekeepers of the traditional publishing route.  When editors become unresponsive, make a mistake, or poof away, “nudging” the editor can help writers achieve the outcome they want. A “nudge” is a friendly, respectful, and firm request for action.  I am a champion “nudger” on behalf of client authors at emerson ...


Cast Away: Incorporating Slidecasts into Your Online Presence Can Distinguish Your Business from Competitors

By Elena Petricone Published in CEO Refresher A slidecast, to use the wiki definition, is an “audio podcast combined with a slideshow or diorama presentation.” Typically consisting of a PowerPoint presentation with synchronized audio, slidecasts don’t consume much time or energy, yet can be an appealing alternative if you’re intimidated or overwhelmed by the prospect of creating a video or other daunting technological creation. Though a slidecast on your ...