A business book needs to promote your expertise, your skill set, your unique business value, and your unique selling proposition. It does not need to sell a million copies!

Thus emersongroup’s book promotion “campaigns” are unorthodox. They emphasize your business more than book sales and they extend far beyond a limited attempt to sell books. Since marketing and selling is an ongoing necessity for any business, your book promotion therefore should literally never end.

Instead we help you get the word out to business prospects who will regard you as worth doing business with because you are the leading practitioner in your field, bar none. Thoughtleading tactics that will advance that mission include:

  1. publishing article-excerpts of your book in relevant business and industry publications;
  2. gifting books to your clients, your word-of-mouth referral sources, your vendors, your prospects, your colleagues;
  3. sending pointed eblasts about your book to your e-list subscribers and social media contacts;
  4. speaking to targeted audiences at business events and conferences;
  5. getting interviewed by the media on topics you cover in your book;
  6. conducting an “Amazon Best-Seller Campaign” for the purpose of, yes, selling more copies of your book but, just as importantly, to expand the number of business contacts who know about both your book and your business;
  7. developing an ever-growing list of testimonials to your book on Amazon;
  8. integrating your book into your ongoing marketing & selling efforts;
  9. utilizing your credibility as an author to enhance your website, speaker introduction, elevator pitch, CV, referral system & word of mouth, marketing collateral.

By viewing book promotion as a very powerful extension of your normal business development program, your book will deliver you substantially increased visibility and new business, a far more valuable prize than traditional attempts to merely “sell more books.”

We can help you promote your book so it leverages your business! Contact us today.