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Thoughtleading Strategy

  • “How do you find your customers?”

  • “How do people hear about you?

  • “How do you market your services?

  • “How do you generate leads?”


Whenever entrepreneurs of any kind gather, the first question of consequence to emerge in their conversations is always this one: “How do you find new business?” It can be phrased in many different ways, but the meaning is always the same.

Typically, the responses revolve around some variation of referrals and word of mouth, and the focus invariably shifts to marketing, selling, “outreach,” or business development techniques. The conversation falls flat once someone mentions cold calling (a technique that everyone agrees is disagreeable!), then collapses altogether once direct mail or advertising gets dropped in. From there, the talk turns to idle chatter, personal questions, the weather—anything to push the topic at hand away from its disappointing beginnings. There are no business development magic bullets or gold nuggets here. Why bother beating a dead horse?

Entrepreneurs today are exasperated. There’s so much competition, so many new technologies to use (and learn), so much swift change in the marketplace. How can people lift themselves above the noise?


“Every article solidified our reputation, garnered national speaking opportunities or generated leads. Credibility is everything to a consulting firm and [emersongroup’s] work to establish me as a thought leader has been invaluable.” – Shelley Hall


And when you do attract new customers, they often bolt at the slightest hint of a better deal down the street. Word of mouth, which is so essential to business success, never gets off the ground. It’s a constant game of catch-up, missed goals, back-to-the-drawing-board, and perpetual boom and bust. Despite adhering to marketing and sales “best practices,” nothing seems to help.

Yet a magic bullet does exist: a little-used business development strategy called “thoughtleading,” guaranteed to grant you your “expert’s edge.”

Though all entrepreneurs and companies are experts, few of them exploit their expertise to superior advantage. Those few who do rise above the so-called level playing field to assume higher places are a breed apart known as “thoughtleaders.”

No longer mere “specialists,” “practitioners,” “professionals,” or even “experts,” thoughtleading experts cease wondering where their next business meal will come from. Instead, they steadily welcome new customers from an ever-expanding prospect base that seeks them out, rather than the other way around.


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