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“Not only did they help me land my first major book deal with McGraw-Hill, they supported me before, during and after the process.” – Kathleen Burns Kingsbury


The mere prospect of writing a book can be intimidating. Yet there’s no denying a book’s many impacts.

Your own book will organize your thoughts and communicate that hard-earned insight and wisdom you’ve been developing and honing over the years. A book is also a “credibility tool” that you can show to customers, clients, prospects and colleagues. It will raise your profile and lift you above your competition, paving the way for new opportunities and higher levels of professional success.

So should you just sit down and start writing, stopping only after you’ve filled a few hundred pages of Word? Well, not quite. Once you’ve made the decision to author a book, there’s a lot more to consider and do, many careful steps to take. But have no fear… we can help!

We’ll guide you through the process, help you get your book organized and written, help you find a publisher OR move you through the self publishing process. One way or another, you’ll soon be holding your book in your hands… one that you can be proud of!


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