"Breaking Bad" Business Practices
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  10. Everyone would like to think they’ll never need a lawyer, but better safe than sorry — have top notch counsel at the ready.   9. Follow all business processes, no matter how weird. Safety first!   8. Stick to it!   7. Celebrate Teamwork   6. Dress the part — remember, YOU ARE […]

The Social Executive: The CEO’s New Role in Social Media
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CEOs often lament that they feel isolated in their role and that it’s hard to get anyone to tell them what they really think. Much to their own dismay, CEOs operate in a bubble. What makes this especially frustrating for CEOs is that they know their company’s growth and reputation are being determined by people outside of the bubble—by the company’s external stakeholders. Among these audiences are customers, shareholders, analysts, industry insiders, and the media.

Hire Based on Attitude, Aptitude and Chemistry
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By John Myrna

When I was earning my electrical engineering degree, I was a member of an elite group of five top students. We all had high GPAs, but we all didn’t have the same aptitude. Bob and Jim (names changed to protect the innocent) were brilliant — they only had to attend classes, quickly read the textbooks, and finish their homework before driving home for the evening.

Structuring Pension Plans for M&A Success
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By Ryan McGlothlin

Buyers of companies that sponsor defined benefit pension plans need to fully understand the nature of the liability that is associated with such plans. In many cases, the pension plan can represent the largest financial risk a company has. Proper due diligence pre-acquisition and prudent risk management post-transaction can therefore add value, or at least prevent significant value destruction, an all-too-common scenario.

Sell Value, Not Price!
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By Meridith Elliot Powell
Featured on the cover of Sales and Service Excellence

Why do people buy organic produce, pay for an upgrade on an airplane, or pay for water in a bottle? All of those products are more expensive than their unqualified counterparts. People pay more because they perceive value.

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You & Your Partner, Inc.: Entrepreneurial Couples Succeeding in Business, Life and Love

By Miriam Hawley and Jeffrey McIntyre

No image Gauging Your Thoughtleading Potential: Part Three
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Excerpted from Ken’s book The Expert’s Edge as a seven-part series. Is it time to find out if you indeed are thoughtleader material? Maybe you’re a thoughtleader already and don’t know it. Or maybe you do know it, or suspect it, but could use some validation. Finally, do you secretly fear that perhaps you’re not […]

Longfellow Benefits: A High Performance Organization in the Back Bay
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You might not expect to find an HPO in an unassuming office building in the Back Bay area of Boston, Massachusetts, USA. But then you would be pleasantly surprised because on the tenth floor of an office on Huntington Avenue you can find Longfellow Benefits, a highly successful company and the winner of the annual Boston’s Best Employer Award for six years in a row.

Technology: Common Ground
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From the Atrion Blog Hosted by American School & University Magazine By Robert F. Johnson Many schools and universities are sharpening their focus on financial performance as they struggle to manage rising costs in the face of limitations on growing revenues. With the pool of U.S. high school graduates slowly shrinking, colleges must work harder […]

Dan Cassidy of P-Solve Cassidy Quoted in!
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Dan Cassidy FSA, EA, MAAA, CFA, Managing Director of P-Solve Cassidy, was recently quoted on in the article “Is the Fiduciary Liability of Self-Directed Brokerage Options Too Great for 401k Plan Sponsors?”