Our Book Publishing Programs

Your own book will organize your thoughts and communicate that hard-earned insight and wisdom you’ve been developing and honing over the years. A book is also a “credibility tool” that you can show to customers, clients, prospects and colleagues. It will raise your profile and lift you above your competition, paving the way for new opportunities and higher levels of professional success.

So should you just sit down and start writing, stopping only after you’ve filled a few hundred pages of Word? Well, not quite. Once you’ve made the decision to author a book, there’s a lot more to consider and do, many careful steps to take. But have no fear… we can help!

Our book publisher search menu includes:

  1. Helping you focus your book concept so that it is clear and precise, and thus of interest to a commercial publisher;
  2. Developing a book proposal for you that publishers will want to see should they find your book concept of interest;
  3. Pitching your concept to a list of relevant business publishers so as to obtain their interest in reviewing your new book proposal;
  4. Following up with publishers who chose to review your proposal;
  5. Discussing your book concept with publisher who express an interest in publishing your book;
  6. Scrutinizing book contracts from those publishers who choose to make you an official offer to publish;
  7. Negotiating contracts from publishers on your behalf to obtain the best possible contract terms;
  8. Assisting you with questions about the publishing process both and after you sign a contract with a publisher;
  9. Acting as a support and intermediary (if needed) when dealing with your new publisher;
  10. Advising you on book promotion tactics in advance of your book’s official publication date.

In short, we’ll guide you through the process, help you find a publisher that is the right fit for you so that you’ll one day be holding a book in your hands with your name on it… a book that you can be truly proud of!

Our self-publishing & developmental editing program includes:

  1. Helping you focus your book concept so that it is clear and precise in your own mind;
  2. Developing a table of contents for your book that fleshes out your book concept;
  3. Coaching you as you write your first draft including feedback on your writing style, inclusion of content, pacing, grammar, arrangement of material etc.;
  4. Line editing of your first draft, including corrections, comments, suggestions for revisions, addressing your personal concerns and questions, etc.;
  5. Continued editorial assistance during your second and third (if necessary) drafts;
  6. Copyediting of your final draft for the purpose of polishing your text and eliminating grammatical errors, awkward phrases, vague sentences etc.;
  7. Proofreading your draft to identify and eliminate minor spelling and grammatical errors;
  8. Assistance with title, cover and book jacket design and interior book design, e.g., font style & size, line spacing etc.;
  9. Assistance with selecting the best self-publisher printer for your book’s particular needs, including services offered by said printer;
  10. Acting as a support and intermediary (if needed) when dealing with your new self-publisher printer;
  11. Advising you on book promotion tactics in advance of your book’s official publication date.

In short, we’ll guide you through the entire self-publishing process, help you get your book organized, well-written, well-edited, well-designed and (ultimately) printed so that you’ll one day be holding a book in your hands with your name on it… a book that you can be truly proud of!

We can help you get published and become a thought leader! Contact us today.

Looking for a Literary Agent? Why You Should Choose US!

Dr. Karissa Thacker No avatar Management Psychologist
" I have found working with Ken and ​his ​team to be a true partnership. Emerson worked to help me reach my goal as if it were one of their own business goals.​ ​ They have been ​invaluable to me in navigating the ​book ​publishing process ​such that ​we were ​ultimately ​successful ​at​ landing a deal with Jossey Bass. "

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John Guaspari No avatar Employee Engagement Expert
" The Emerson team has been first-rate on all counts. As a result of the excellent work done by Ken and Elena, I had a choice of three publishers for my latest book. This gave me the luxury of choosing the one that was best-aligned with my goals and gave me the strongest sense that I would be a true partner to them as opposed to “yet another author. "

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Jim Edholm No avatar President - BBI Benefits, Inc.
" Visibility solves TONS of problems for us. The more we’re seen, the more believable we are. The more we’re seen, the greater credibility we have. The more we’re seen, the LESS we need to pursue them and the MORE they pursue us… it eliminates or reduces sales resistance... "

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Shelley Hall No avatar Principal & Managing Director - Catalytic Management
" Ken, without your support and expert advice, Catalytic Management would not have achieved such terrific growth. Every article solidified our reputation, garnered national speaking opportunities or generated leads. Credibility is everything to a consulting firm and your work to establish me as a thought leader has been invaluable. Not only is your support indispensible to our marketing efforts but you make it fun and painless. "

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Jay W. Vogt No avatar Founder - Peoplesworth
" Ken Lizotte and emerson consulting group have helped to keep my consulting practice healthy for the last several years...I’ve since recommended Ken and his team with enthusiasm to many colleagues who have asked me – How did you do this? "

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Karen Friedman No avatar President - Karen Friedman Enterprises, Inc.
" Thank you so much for your wisdom, insight and support during this process of seeking a publisher. Without your guidance, I would never have sealed the deal! Not only did you negotiate well on my behalf, but you understood the value of finding the right partner who would be the best fit for my long term goals. I couldn’t have done it without you. "

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Lewis Green No avatar Founder/CEO - L&G Business Solutions
" I hired Ken Lizotte to represent me and find a publisher for my fifth book “How to Grow a Business by Putting People First” (originally published as “Lead with Your Heart”). Ken came highly recommended by others who had hired him to help with their publishing and thought leader efforts. Although this was my fifth book and I had once earned a living as a free-lance writer, Ken’s sage advice made both my book and magazine articles better before he found a publishing outlet for them. If you strive to be a thought leader, I highly recommend you to hire Ken and his team. "

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Michael Shenkman, PhD No avatar Founder, President - Arch of Leadership, Professional Mentoring
" I have worked with Ken for nearly a decade. He is, without a doubt, my strategist in chief for my marketing communications strategy. I can’t count the number of ways he has opened my thinking to new approaches, new technologies and media for publishing, promotion and customer service. He does it all with modesty, which I really appreciate. I know when we meet or talk that something good, interesting, thoughtful and productive will ensue. Even though I am located in New Mexico, 2,500 miles away, his service is not in the least diminished. He is worth every penny I have spent with him and his team. Thanks, Ken. "

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Jim Mooradian No avatar Jim Mooradian and Associates, Inc.
" Publishing articles and getting quoted in the media are excellent for credibility. They are an important part of the process for landing new business. Ken’s team has helped us make this happen. "

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Steve Gareau No avatar Author - Building your Bridge to Sales $ucess
" I would never hesitate in recommending emerson consulting group inc. The staff is so attentive and responsive...Ken once said to me, "You’re a lot like me." I take that as an honor, to be in his company. I highly recommend Ken and his company and its excellent services. "

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