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The Fame Game 2.0 By Carl Friesen BNi Building News (2012) Picture two business professionals competing for the same project. They could be consultants, architects, engineers, lawyers or anyone else who sells expertise. One professional tells the client, “Here’s our brochure.” The other says, “Here’s a folder with reprints of articles we’ve published on the issues you’re facing, with a USB key that contains an e-book ...


Print is Dead, YouTube Rules, and Mobile is a Rocket! Trends from Content Marketing World 2012 Applied to Thoughtleading

By Carl Friesen CMC   Business professional firms that want to demonstrate thought leadership need to be aware of the rapidly-evolving set of tools and techniques for presenting their ideas. Here is some of what I learned at the leading global event of its kind, Content Marketing World, 5-7 September 2012 in Columbus OH. Content Marketing: How Can it Help? To begin with, what is “content marketing”? The answer was ...