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Katy Tynan

Katy Tynan is a free agent. Working where people and technology come together, she provides strategy and operational guidance to high-growth organizations. Katy is currently engaged in a variety of activities including consulting, writing, and speaking. She is passionate about how the world of work is changing, and how individuals, businesses, and educational institutions need to adapt to the evolving landscape of flexible work.

Prior to her transition to being a full-time independent professional, Katy was part of the leadership teams of several successful startups including Thrive Networks (acquired by Staples) and Winphoria Networks (acquired by Motorola).
When she is not helping solve business and technology problems, Katy can be found traveling, kayaking, sailing, or reading. Katy, her son, and her dog live near Boston, Massachusetts, and she is a proud graduate of UMass Amherst.

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