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emerson consulting group creates thoughtleaders.


Here are a few of the reasons people come to us…


  • “The time has come for me to publish a book!”

  • “I’d like to start publishing articles in reputable business journals and e-publications.”

  • “I would love to become known as a guru or thought leader in my field.”

  • “I would like to obtain more speaking engagements.”

  • “I need help getting publicity for my book/service/product/consulting practice.”

We work with consultants and consulting firms, attorneys and law firms, finance specialists and professional service firms, CEOs and their companies, professional speakers and other experts to separate them from the competitive pack.

By helping our clients publish their thoughts, emersongroup literally makes its client thoughtleaders “famous” in their fields of expertise and target markets.

To capitalize on the enhanced credibility and visibility created by such publishing efforts, emersongroup can also arrange media exposure, speaking engagements, original research projects and innovative exploitation of the Internet.

In pursuit of these results, emersongroup handles all details so that our client thoughtleaders can do what they do best: develop leading thoughts.