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My company has worked with emerson consulting for many years to raise our thoughtleading profile. Ken and his team have landed multiple book contracts with a major publisher (McGraw-Hill), conducted book promotion campaigns, positioned articles in top publications, developed speaking opportunities and gotten us interviewed, among many other things. Suzanne Bates CEO Bates Communications

Print is Dead, YouTube Rules, and Mobile is a Rocket! Trends from Content Marketing World 2012 Applied to Thoughtleading
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By Carl Friesen

Business professional firms that want to demonstrate thought leadership need to be aware of the rapidly-evolving set of tools and techniques for presenting their ideas. Here is some of what I learned at the leading global event of its kind, Content Marketing World, 5-7 September 2012 in Columbus OH.

Maximizing the Power of Your Published Articles
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By Madeline Vellturo

In today’s business world, the use of published articles as a form of marketing has become an often relied-upon technique. But simply publishing an article and letting the chips fall where they may is not necessarily the most effective strategy. It is just as important for any author to understand how valuable a published article can actually be, especially AFTER it has been published.

The Myths of Publishing: Why Staying in Touch by E-mail is Crucial to Publishing Success
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By Jia-Ling Loo

During his early years of heading emerson consulting group inc., many of Ken Lizotte’s (CIO) clients came his way with the unrealistic expectation that publishing articles and books regularly would automatically expand their clientele and boost revenue. However, Ken learned early on that this assumption was, generally speaking, a false one. In reality, few of his newly published clients actually got approached as a clearly direct result of their new media attention

Successfully Build Your Business Network with “Eblasts”
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During a business meeting, one common thing easily noticed is the plentiful exchange of business cards. It’s, after all, a good way to keep in touch with other business people and thus build your own business network. But this desirable scenario is not always the case…

To Build Your Business, Speak to Groups!
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By Ken Lizotte

Smart consultants well understand the value of relationship-building in developing and keeping new business. What better vehicle for relationship-building than an event at which lots of high-level business prospects will show up in one place to listen to you?

Successfully Promoting a Book: Lessons Learned from Authors Who Have Been There
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By Giles Pettingell

In terms of book promotion, there is no singular path to success. There are innumerable methods that exist to promote books, and exactly zero that can guarantee absolute success. In a business of seeming uncertainty, two nuggets of advice are generally agreed upon: don’t expect anything from your publisher, and don’t expect sales without tireless self-promotion.

The Real Value of Publishing a Book
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Most of us can’t help but wonder what it’s like to publish a book. When we meet someone who has published, there’s an aura about them, an admiration for having taken the time to write (much less publish!) an entire book. The questions are unavoidable: What does it take to publish a book?

Developing and Marketing Your Consulting Firm: Answering Four Questions Will Ensure Your Success
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By Ken Lizotte, CMC

If you are just launching a consulting practice, thinking of doing so, or have been in business for a while but client projects are stagnant, it pays to evaluate your chosen approaches to practice management and consider less orthodox strategies so as to ramp things up.

How to Guarantee Your Press Releases Will Be Used and Read
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By Henry Stimpson

Press releases, also called news releases, are the workhorses of public relations. Editors, however, receive buckets of them every day and use only a small percentage. How can you make sure that your release has the best odds of getting used?