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Thoughtleading Launchpad III

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Thoughtleading Launchpad III:

With Your Expert’s Edge, You’ll Separate Yourself From Your Competition!


September 2013 Thoughtleading Launchpad Graduates

September 2013 Thoughtleading Launchpad Graduates
Paul Cronin, Amy Wood, Neil Goldberg, Rick Dacri, Ken Lizotte (presenter), Dorian Mintzer, and Meghan McGrath

An all-day intensive seminar (lunch included!) designed to revamp your business development practices and position you as an expert with an edge over your competition. You’ll then be well on your way to thoughtleader status so that your target market learns how good you really are, starts chasing you, and increases your income and profits!

Presented by Ken Lizotte CMC, emersongroup CIO (Chief Imaginative Officer)

Why You Should Attend


About Our Presenter: Ken Lizotte CMC

About The Expert’s Edge

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Why You Should Attend

Thoughtleading Launchpad June 2013 graduates: Doug Reiter, Chris Lake, Jennifer Touma, Ken Lizotte (presenter), John Perkins, Joe Biggins, Darwin Gillett

Thoughtleading Launchpad June 2013 graduates: Doug Reiter, Chris Lake, Jennifer Touma, Ken Lizotte (presenter), John Perkins, Joe Biggins, Darwin Gillett

You’ve undoubtedly had much success over the years with your clients and projects.

Yet you sometimes find yourself pondering such questions as:

• Why don’t more people know about me and my great service?

• I seem to be a “best-kept secret” among my customers so what can I do to change that?

• How come my competitors grab all the attention from the business media but not me?

• How can I make prospects come looking for me rather than me always looking for them?

If answers to these questions have been eluding you, join us for our next Thoughtleading Launchpad, an all-day intensive seminar designed to revamp your business development practices and position you as an expert with an edge over your competition. You’ll leave Thoughtleading Launchpad well on your way to thoughtleader status.

Though all entrepreneurs, professionals and companies are experts, few exploit their expertise in such a way that they rise above their competitors to loftier visibility and credibility. Yet those who do are no longer viewed as mere “specialists” or “practitioners.” Instead their thoughtleader status reconfigures their attraction to their target markets such that prospects now seek them out rather than the other way around.

Based on the book “The Expert’s Edge” (McGraw-Hill) by launchpad presenter Ken Lizotte, Thoughtleading Launchpad will teach you precisely how to make this happen via Ken’s Five Pillars of Thoughtleading:

Pillar #1: Publishing Your Ideas (books and articles)

Pillar #2: Speaking to Groups and Followers (target audiences)

Pillar #3: Fresh Thinking (original ideas via research and surveys)

Pillar #4: Creatively Leveraging the Internet (search engines, eblasts, social media)

Pillar #5: Vigorous Use of the Media (traditional publicity and PR)

You’ll also learn tools for implementing all these effectively and efficiently, including:

  • Tips for writing articles and books painlessly and quickly … and well!
  • Techniques for developing and sustaining your creative thinking
  • Sales tactics that maximize your thoughtleading actions
  • Landing a book publisher or developing a self-published book (or eBook)
  • Getting editors of significant publications to pay attention to your ideas
  • Winning speaking engagements on national platforms
  • Delivering super presentations!
  • Ensuring your social media is effective and gets you results
  • Optimizing your network for maximal word-of-mouth … and word-of-mouse!

In short, this special all-day event will teach you and your organization how to wake up the world to the fact that you are the leader, the expert with the superior edge, and worthy of rising above your closest competition.


Meghan McGrathIf you are a marketing professional or small business owner looking to reach new audiences, then Ken’s Thoughtleadership Launchpad is a terrific resource. The Launchpad is a great forum for bouncing around ideas and strategizing on how to overcome roadblocks in your marketing plan. Ken’s facilitation is insightful, engaging, and funny, making the day fly by.

Meghan McGrath
Marketing and PR Associate
Bates Communications

RickDacriIf you want to be the “go to person” you need to study at the feet of The Thought Leader. Ken has provided the road map essential for anyone to position themselves as their industry expert. I read and reread his book, The Expert’s Edge, listened to his advice and put in practice his recommendations. Today, the media frequently calls me, I’m well published, and business is flourishing.

Rick Dacri
Dacri & Associates, LLC

DarGillettThe Thoughtleading Launchpad program made a big contribution in helping me shift my professional direction toward public speaking, which I am now pursuing wholeheartedly. This has included helping me avoid pitfalls and stay on track. Whereas I used to be primarily a consultant with occasional speaking gigs and articles, I’m now primarily a speaker and author, which are my true passions and forte. Thanks to the emersongroup team for helping me clarify these issues and shape and energize my action plan!

Dar Gillett
Noble Enterprise

Dorian MintzerThank you for a very helpful day, filled with some terrific tips and strategies. I feel very freed to think about how to surmount some of my thoughtleading challenges. But I am confident now that I will! Take care and thanks again.

Dorian Mintzer, M.S.W., Ph.D., Board Certified Coach
Retirement Coach/Money and Relationship Coach/Executive Coach
Co-author: The Couple’s Retirement Puzzle

Jennifer ToumaAs a new author I jumped on the opportunity to learn more about publishing and thoughleadership, especially now since I am working on my second book. Ken, covered the five pillars extensively. I learned how to re-position my credibility with clients, prospects and meeting planners, and in particular pillars 2 speaking before groups and pillar 5, making use of the media.

If you want to increase your credibility in business and turn a dream of publishing your book or article into reality I urge you to attend Ken’s next seminar.

Jennifer Touma

My company has worked with emerson consulting for many years to raise our thoughtleading profile. Ken and his team have landed multiple book contracts with a major publisher (McGraw-Hill), conducted book promotion campaigns, positioned articles in top publications, developed speaking opportunities and gotten us interviewed, among many other things. Emerson consulting is an ideal collaborator that brings skill and experience to every aspect of a project. emersongroup’s expertise and hard work have had a positive effect on my business.

Suzanne Bates
Bates Communications

Visibility solves TONS of problems for us. The more we’re seen, the more believable we are. The more we’re seen, the greater credibility we have. The more we’re seen, the LESS we need to pursue them and the MORE they pursue us… it eliminates or reduces sales resistance. We’ve been two years in the emerson fold, and we began with articles – they got more than 15 placed in the first year, all in prestigious national or regional journals. Then we moved on to PR, and we continue to get regular mention in appropriate venues. Now we’re expanding into radio and speaking venues. The results are good, and so’s the value.

Jim Edholm
BBI Benefits, Inc.

Ken, without your support and expert advice, Catalytic Management would not have achieved such terrific growth. Every article solidified our reputation, garnered national speaking opportunities or generated leads. Credibility is everything to a consulting firm and your work to establish me as a thought leader has been invaluable. Not only is your support indispensible to our marketing efforts but you make it fun and painless. Looking forward to a long partnership and hopefully that book you keep insisting that I write!

Shelley Hall
Principal & Managing Director
Catalytic Management

Ken Lizotte and his company emerson consulting group have helped to keep my consulting practice healthy for the last several years, thanks to such actions as: Helping me write and publish articles regularly (in print and web venues) that I use daily in marketing my practice. Supporting me in creating a regular e-newsletter that my clients love (the single smartest marketing move I’ve ever made.) Finding me a publisher so that I could publish my first book… and dream about publishing more!

Therefore I’ve since recommended Ken and his team with enthusiasm to many colleagues who have asked me – How did you do this?

Jay W. Vogt

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About Our Presenter: Ken Lizotte CMC

Ken Lizotte

Author of “The Expert’s Edge: Become the Go-To Authority that People Turn to Every Time” (McGraw-Hill) among other books, Ken Lizotte CMC and his emersongroup team transform consultants, entrepreneurs, business experts, attorneys and professional services firms into “thoughtleaders,” thereby separating them from the competitive pack.

A thoughtleader in his own right, Ken has been interviewed by the Wall Street Journal, Fortune Magazine, Newsweek, Financial Times, Investors’ Business Daily, National Public Radio, CBS-TV, Writer’s Digest Magazine and The Boston Globe, to name just a few. He has published hundreds of articles and written columns for the American Management Association and Boston Magazine.

Co-founder of the National Writers Union and a Certified Management Consultant (CMC), Ken has spoken at both national and local business events including regular appearances at Harvard University, the Concord Authors Festival and IMC USA. Former chapter president of IMC New England, he is a member of the CEO Club of Boston and the Association of Management Consulting Firms, a graduate of Alan Weiss’s Million Dollar Consulting College and a trustee of Thoreau Farm in Concord.

About The Expert’s Edge

The Expert's Edge

You’ve seen them everywhere-on the covers of books and magazines, quoted in newspaper articles, interviewed on the radio and TV. They are the “thoughtleaders,” the high-profile professionals who rise above everyone else in their field to become the go-to experts in all forms of media.

Sound bite needed for what’s happening in business, finance, IT, management, leadership, motivation, politics? Call Jim Collins, Bill Gates, Tom Friedman, Suze Orman, Malcolm Gladwell, Rosabeth Moss Kantor

But what about YOU? Who seeks YOU out for opinions in your specialty? Are YOU an expert in your field … or are you THE expert?

An action-ready program of proven success strategies, “The Expert’s Edge,” published by McGraw-Hill, offers easy-to-follow game plan that can turn any level of entrepreneur into the must-have go-to expert that prospects and media seek out above all others. Raise your profile, expand the demand for your services, and increase your revenues… with “The Expert’s Edge.”

“‘The Expert’s Edge’ should be required reading on every manager’s and executive’s book shelf. By practicing what author Ken Lizotte calls ‘thoughtleading actions,’ your competition will fade away. Take a good look at this book. Then do what it says!”

Florence Stone
Editorial Director
American Management Association

   For more information or to order the book, visit

Logistics and How to Register for Discounts

THIS COULD BE YOU!  Our global client thoughtleader Andre de Waal PhD presents findings from his newest book "What Makes a High Performance Organization" at a seminar in March 2013.

Our global client thoughtleader Andre de Waal PhD presents findings from his newest book “What Makes a High Performance Organization” at a seminar in March 2013.

Date & Time:TBA

Location: Regus Business Center, Newton Massachusetts

Tuition & Discounts:

Includes autographed copy of “The Expert’s Edge,” plus 30-days of unlimited follow-up questions and coaching as needed. Additional 10% available for members in good standing of WIND, ACE, SBANE, IMC USA, AMCF, SPC, CEO Club of Boston and Thoreau Farm.

Payment Online: PayPal (SEND MONEY function) or Intuit. Send payment to our central email address

Payment by Check: Mail check payable to “emerson consulting group inc” to Box 41, Concord MA 01742. Must be postmarked by corresponding date (above) to obtain early registration discount

Space is limited and will fill up fast … so register NOW!



For additional information, please contact emerson consulting group at or give us a call at 978-371-0442.